MotoGP Misano J1 Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 5) performs and jokes: “if it had been me I would have been sentenced to three years in prison”

MotoGP Misano J1 Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 5) performs and jokes: "if it had been me I would have been sentenced to three years in prison"

Fabio Quartararo struck a blow during the first session of the San Marino MotoGP Grand Prix by being the fastest there in front of a troop of Italian motorcycles, Ducati or Aprilia.

In the afternoon, the Frenchman could not repeat this performance, but he knows exactly why and is confident about the rest of the weekend.

He answered with a certain relaxation to the questions asked by the journalists present on the Misano World Circuit…

Fabio Quartararo“For me, it was pretty OK. It’s a shame for the time attack: I didn’t make a mistake but our tire wasn’t ready and that’s why I couldn’t make a big improvement, but I’m quite satisfied with the level grip because in 15 or 16 laps, I got the same time as in the time attack with the medium tyre. So I feel very good. »

This morning, you got off to a strong start…
“We have to do this! The morning was good. The thing is, with the soft front tire, I couldn’t do anything good. So I stopped and said that if we didn’t change the front end it didn’t make sense for me to ride more because I already felt like I was at the limit very quickly. So we decided to put in a medium and that was OK. »

What is your reaction to Francesco Bagnaia’s penalty on the starting grid? Is this an opportunity worth seizing?
“Of course, we have to seize it! We have to seize it because in the end, we have to benefit from everything! Of course, it’s a shame for him, but a good thing for us. So we have to take advantage of that and try to do our best. »

But what do you think of the fairness of this penalty?
“(Laughs) I don’t care! We joked about it with friends and I said that if it had been me I would have gotten three years in prison (laughs). But it’s OK, even if the penalty is for sure a little lighter for him. But that’s not a problem for me. »

Marc will take part in the test next week and will probably get back to racing quickly: is it realistic to think that he could create problems for the Ducati?
“I hope so (laughs)! I hope he can be fast fast and destroy the plans of the red motorcycles. Yeah, I think it’s great that he’s coming back. The positive is that he can use the test to see how his shoulder is doing. After the two days of testing he will know and everyone will have a clear idea of ​​his potential for the races to come. »

You are always very fast at Misano: is it Aragon that you fear the most?
“Here I know I’m fast. Today we were very fast in terms of pace and normal in time attack. We know why. In Aragon we have always been fast, but in the race it has always been very bad. In particular, the front tire is a problem, so we worked a lot on this problem during the second part of the season to try to avoid this kind of problem. So I think a lot of the issues will be lessened but let’s wait and see how hot or cold it gets and how much we progress, but I think of course it will be hard but I’m ready to fight. »

Is the problem with your front end coming from the tire or the frame?
“With the soft tyre, from the second lap I was like ‘OK, it doesn’t make sense for me to keep using it’. But I had to do a long run of 10 or 12 laps, so I did this long run but I made a lot of mistakes, in turns 1, 11, 12.
The problem is that the tire was too soft and we knew that very quickly. It’s not a grip problem but it’s a tire stiffness problem, the compound is too soft for our riding style. »

It seems that everyone wants to win this championship to mark the spirits and it is felt from the FP1…
“Of course Bagnaia is a little further in the championship, there is Aleix Espargaro who also wants to win, like many drivers, but this morning I started by telling myself that I had to be in the bath from the start. With the soft tyre, in two laps I was already at the limit, but with the medium we got into a good rhythm. This afternoon, we had an excellent rhythm with the hard/medium. The time attack went badly but in any case the rhythm was something really good. »

Would you rather it rain tomorrow and be dry on Sunday?
“Honestly, I don’t care! In all circumstances, I will give my maximum and take a lot of risks. No matter ! Last year we were 15th here in the rain, at 8/10, and this year we still made a huge leap in those conditions, so if it rains, I can’t wait to see how we will be. »

Can Francesco Bagnaia’s penalty be an additional motivation?
” Nope ! You can’t say extra motivation, but, as I said earlier, if it was me who had made those kinds of mistakes, it wouldn’t have been that penalty. But like I said, I don’t care and I have to focus on myself. But we also have to take advantage of this penalty and try to see what we can do from the start of the race. It will mainly depend on the position from which I start on the grid on Sunday, but for the moment it does not change anything at all. »

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