MotoGP, Marc Marquez in the sights of the haters: “I can only ignore them”

Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez came under fire in the MotoGP Aragon post-race after unintentionally knocking out Quartararo and Nakagami.

By Luigi Ciamburo of Corsedimoto

Marc Marquez was the great protagonist of the MotoGP weekend in Aragon, at least until the first of the 23 scheduled rounds. It was essential to reach the finish line to collect useful data, both on the Honda RC213V and on the real conditions of the arm, but he had to return to the pits after a few turns. In a few days he will try again at Motegi, where he can arrive with new energy after having cut short his race at MotorLand.

Immediately after the race, Mark Marquez was criticized for eliminating Fabio Quartararo and his teammate Taka Nakagami. In the first case a loss of the back causes a percussion on the part of the French world champion, in the second we see the champion of Cervera moving back to the left in a straight line. ” Looking at the pictures, it seems that instead of doing the straight line I’m going to the left, as if I’m going to look for Nakagami – explains the eight-time world champion – “ but I’m a MotoGP rider, I know it’s the first round, from the pictures you can see that when I hit the holeshot there is a piece of Fabio’s fairing in my wheel. Even Marini and my brother Alex almost caught up with me because the device is blocked… I want to make it clear… I’m not playing for anything, no world championship, the bike went left. The goal was to understand how the bike and my body are doing after 23 laps, but it was a nice first corner… “.

Mark Marquez: I’ve been in MotoGP for ten years and I know what can be done and what can’t »

There couldn’t be a worse return for Mark Marquez, author of two falls in two days, fortunately without consequences. Above all, he feels guilty for having (unintentionally) caused the downfall of Fabio Quartararo. ” I’m sorry about what happened to Fabio, because a world championship is at stake and I know what it means to lose a race because of contact with another driver, it has happened to me in the past too. In the early laps we take a risk and these things happen sometimes. This is part of racing accidents. How can this happen to Bagnaia and other “. On social networks, many “haters” have targeted him… “ Haters always win. The only thing to do is ignore them. I know what happened, I’ve been in MotoGP for ten years and I know what can be done and what can’t be done. “.

The incident with Taka Nakagami, which forced the Japanese to seek treatment at the medical center of the Aragon circuit, caused astonishment on television. His presence in the home race at Motegi is highly doubted. In this case, the holeshot device also intervened to complicate the situation at the start of the race. ” The contact with Fabio would have taken place even without apparatus and without fins. Taka activated the back height device during our challenge and it was very tight. It can cause something like this. But without the pieces of the Yamaha, the collision with Taka could have been avoided. And when I turned on the rear leveling device in advance, my rear wheel slipped. Because there was a piece of Fabio’s fairing stuck somewhere in my rear fender. It blocked everything “.

He adds on the accident of Nakagami : “ vswas a very dangerous fall but I wanted to make it clear, because never in my life, in the middle of a straight, will I go against another rider, because I know what it can generate and even less in a first lap with all the motorcycles that are behind him . He is a brand partnerfrom Honda and it is a trail mate who i get along with “.

Marc Marquez, Fabio Quartararo, Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón

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