MotoGP – Fabio Quartararo: “If we have to have contacts, we will have them” during the GP of Aragon

MotoGP - Fabio Quartararo: "If we have to have contacts, we will have them" during the GP of Aragon
For Fabio Quartararo, unfortunately everything went as planned. The Frenchman, who was still the undisputed boss of the exercise a few months ago, still had to settle for crumbs in qualifying. The fault, again, with the superiority of the Ducati and a trio – Bagnaia, Bastianini, Miller – who took malicious pleasure in locking the front row for three Grands Prix. On one of the circuits he likes the least, Motorland of Aragon, the reigning world champion saved what could be saved, namely a place on the second row behind Aleix Espargaro (Aprilia) and another Ducati, that of his compatriot Johann Zarco.
It would indeed have taken a feat, or rather a miracle, to get much better. The Niçois conceded 0″730 on the reference time and seeing the few saves “at the Mark“that he had to accomplish, difficult to find the areas where he could have flirted a little closer with the limit.

Aragon Grand Prix

Bagnaia on pole, Zarco and Quartararo in ambush


Even more difficult than at Misano?

I only made one mistake at turn N.2, where I strangely lost the front, while the bike was quite straighthe noted afterwards. But it didn’t change much. I might have improved my time but not my position. I wouldn’t have gained half a second.”

However, this is more or less what was needed to grab the first line. And thus avoid another grueling race on Sunday, in the middle of a Ducati armada, since Marco Bezzecchi and Jorge Martin are the next two drivers on the grid. By force, “El Diablo” ended up taking the fold. He even did rather well in Austria then, to a lesser extent, in Misano.

But this time, the task could be even more complex. Two weeks ago, Claudine Domenicali had passed a blower to Enea Bastianini, guilty according to him of having put too much pressure on Bagnaia in the last laps of the race. While the Italian still has 30 points behind the leader of the World Cup, and “only” six races to get there, the Borgo Panigale firm should kindly pass on some instructions so that its soldiers become real lieutenants.

12 km/h difference in qualifying

Especially since they will have several portions largely favorable to their overpowered machines, with two main straights. One of 630 meters, the other of double. It is also in the last sector that the Frenchman lost the most on Saturday afternoon, since in his last flying lap, he was “only” 0 “378 behind after three portions. On the radar, the The defending champion’s Yamaha did not even reach 342 km/h (341.8 exactly) where Enea Bastianini’s Ducati exceeded 354 km/h.

The French driver is therefore, once again, condemned to suffer the Italian turbulence in the second half of the circuit. While driving alone during the last free practice session, he was nevertheless able to align ten laps around 1’47, which no one else managed to do, not even the Ducatists.

It’s a shame because I’m super happy with my pacehe confirmed on Saturday. I feel good and I think I can still do well tomorrow. I’m going to have to do some aggressive overtaking. And if we need to have contacts, we will have them. This will be my only solution for this race.” For Quartararo, the best defense is attack.

Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) at the Aragon Grand Prix, September 17, 2022

Credit: Imago

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Aragon Grand Prix

Martin dominates first practice ahead of Quartararo and Zarco


Aragon Grand Prix

Marquez, the last chance


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