MotoGP Assen J3 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / AB): “I will not answer this question again”, etc. (Entirety)

MotoGP Assen J3 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / AB): “I will not answer this question again”, etc.  (Entirety)

This Sunday, June 26, 2022, Fabio Quartararo answered questions from journalists from the TT Circuit Assen at the end of the Dutch Grand Prix.

El Diablo made his first mistake of the season there and a lot has already been written about it. But not all of his remarks during his debriefing…

As usualwe report here the words of Fabio Quartararo without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (vouvoiement in English, tu in French).

Fabio Quartararo : “ I made a stupid mistake on the third lap, but that’s how it is and I think there was no need to do this kind of maneuver on the third lap. But I learned from that mistake. I apologize to Aprilia and Aleix for taking him off the track. »

Did you attempt this pass because you thought Pecco was getting away?
No, Pecco had a good first lap but we were catching him with Aleix. But I just saw an opportunity because I had seen in the previous lap that I could do a maneuver. There he was a little further and I braked too hard and too far. I thought I could do it but it didn’t. »

Isn’t it because of the Moto2 rubber? Is this your mistake?
No, that’s not the Moto2 problem, I just braked too hard in that corner. »

Why did you return to racing afterwards?
I don’t know (laughs)! I do not know. Overall, I was one lap behind and the team told me to start again because maybe the rain was coming. As soon as I left I thought I was going to attack again but I went in because I felt there was a problem, but we came out and it felt like something was broken . »

Wasn’t it your decision?
No it was not my decision, because when I came back it was to stop. »

Did they find what was broken?
They are looking at it right now but I’m pretty sure the Traction Control sensor was badly damaged. »

Did you get hot before your second fall?
Yes, I was able to recover the first but as soon as I made a small movement I had the second. »

How do you feel now ?
Bruised, because of the shoulder, but anyway it’s a shame because it’s my fault. I could have done a much better result than crashing on the third lap and then crashing again. We only crashed twice in the first part of the season, and now I crash twice in 10 laps, so it’s very bad. »

This incident took place with your main opponent in the championship. Is it a coincidence?
It’s the competition. Of course, you want to fight your opponent, but like I said, I just tried to double down. We had spoken with the team and the strategy was to try to attack if I was ahead, but try not to make any mistakes if I was behind. I did just the opposite. Of course, I didn’t do it on purpose but something made me make this stupid mistake. »

Is it a frustration, before going on vacation?
Hey… that’s not the best and not the worst. For two days, I will blame myself, but of course I will think afterwards of all the previous races that I have done well. So it’s not right or wrong, just a stupid mistake (laughs). »

How do you feel ?
I am in pain. I don’t know exactly what the place is called but it hurts me. It’s like that. »

Why did you leave after the first fall?
It was not me who made the decision. I saw that there was something wrong but the team told me “go back, it may rain”. I was a lap behind so I don’t know what I could play, but as long as I had to, I said “come on, I’ll keep pushing”. I think we have a Traction Control problem that was not really working anymore. But, that’s how it is. It was a rookie mistake because I attacked like it was the last corner of the last lap. When you see that afterwards, it’s a stupid mistake. »

When you see the action, you see that there was no room?
It’s not even a question of place, it’s a question of not attacking on the third lap as if it were the last lap. After the race, that’s when you realize you really made a rookie mistake, but I think mistakes like that are where you learn. »

Is it due to overconfidence?
No, I’m still the same on the grid, so there was no change. »

After the two victories and before the summer break, maybe you already felt like you were on vacation…
Not at all ! At Silverstone last year, I was 40 points ahead and that didn’t stop me from taking the win to be 60 points ahead, so it’s not the points lead that bothers me at all. changed my strategy. »

At the start of the school year, will Francesco Bagnaia be your main opponent?
I will no longer answer this question, because every time, at every race, I am asked who my main opponent is. We can clearly see that the level is very, very high, and that the first five or six in the championship will be opponents who will be there for the second part of the season. »

How do you interpret that the Ducati win on Yamaha-type circuits and the Yamaha on Ducati-type circuits?
It’s hard to understand but now we can say that there aren’t really any Yamaha circuits or Ducati circuits anymore. These are just circuits where you have to get used to and do the best you can. But that’s how it is and I think we’ll have to do the best for the next races. »

What is your plan for this holiday? First care for your shoulder?
No, the shoulder, it’s just a blow. I hurt but it’s a blow. Afterwards, I will continue to train for the first 10 days, I will take a few days to relax, then I will mix holidays and training. »

What did you say Aleix Espargaró?
That I was apologizing, that I had nothing to say, that I had made a rookie mistake and that it was totally my fault. »

Fabio Quartararo

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