Morocco-Algeria. Khawa khawa: the end of a myth?

Morocco-Algeria.  Khawa khawa: the end of a myth?

The hatred hitherto confined to the media and the organs of Algerian power has ended up on the lawn of a football field, burying in two strokes of the shovel the spirit of sport and its sacred values ​​as well as fraternity between peoples. Sport, until then a space protected from political tensions between the two countries, ended up capitulating and yielding under the pressure of propaganda.

Brotherhood between neighbours, that sweet mirage that still left Moroccans thinking that Algeria was torn in two, the brotherly people on one side and the military junta in power on the other, is fading more and more.

Because after viewing these terrible images, of rare violence, which show the Moroccan goalkeeper assaulted and beaten by several players from the opposing team, this other Moroccan player lying down who is kicked, shod shoes, on the head and neck, putting his life in danger, this crowd of supporters who invade the field to do battle with the Moroccan players, these police forces who do not intervene to secure the players… comes to doubt today, strongly, of this split between the people and the junta which directs it, as much as one doubts that it is really necessary to dissociate the man from the artist to better excuse his odious acts.

While Morocco has long practiced the policy of the outstretched hand, these images testify to a fact that has become indisputable: the propaganda machine that has been running at full speed in Algeria for decades has finally reaped the fruits of its labour. Anti-Morocco hatred, totally blind and absurd, is now germinating in the minds of the younger generation.

How else to explain the outburst of violence of this young team of kids in a stadium where this type of behavior has no place? Supported, applauded, hailed on social networks and in the country’s media, this violent hatred against Morocco is expressed freely, with complete impunity, ignoring the ethical rules of journalism, the ethics of sport, the Muslim values ​​that still embodied the fragile bond that united the two countries in the name of ummah.

It is now proudly expressed in the micro-sidewalks made in the Algerian street, where onlookers are offered the microphone to insult “the Marrok” and “the Mrarkas”, this people of Zionists, to accuse the Moroccans, these witches, of Algerian sporting defeats and, lately, to call on the Emir of Qatar to invite the Polisario on the occasion of the Football World Cup and thus hope that Morocco cancels its participation as it withdrew from the Tunis summit… Everything happens to tarnish the image of a country and its inhabitants. But what is most striking in these images collected in Algeria is the young age of the interviewees.

This hatred of Moroccans is not spontaneous. It was patiently fabricated by a junta that serves a single narrative to Algerians, whose essential plot tends to demonize Moroccans. The Algerian media broadcast in a loop, day after day, a hate speech against Morocco, described as an enemy country, a threat to Algeria, an occupier, a narco-state, a dictatorship which is starving a people of fuckers hands without ego or pride. But if it was only that, what to think and what to say about the calls to commit terrorist attacks on Moroccan soil launched by journalists on television?

Slanderous remarks erupted by pseudo-experts of all kinds invited to official media platforms where defamation serves as an editorial line. One of the recent examples of this shameless propaganda is illustrated on the set of the “very serious” program “Visions”, on July 17, and whose title announces the color: “Morocco… call to demonstrate on July 17 to make fall the regime of the makhzen”. This show airs on Algeria 2, the second public channel of the Algerian state. For one hour and eighteen minutes, three “experts” supervised by an above-ground facilitator will strive to describe a country plagued by famine, inequality, revolts, led by Zionists, and whose main resource is the drug.

We thus learn, in an anthology of nonsense, stated pell-mell, that Moroccan children take drugs from the age of 4, that 50% of births in Morocco are from relationships outside marriage, that Royal Air Maroc is the official carrier of Moroccan drugs, that Israel is in charge of the country… And this example of issue is unfortunately far from being an isolated case. On the other television channels, both public and private, whether in the context of the television news or specialized programs, it is a Morocco on fire and blood, an expansionist country nourishing a deep hatred for Algeria, that we portray on a daily basis.

But anti-Morocco propaganda does not only plague the media. In school textbooks, Morocco is described as a country occupying the Atlantic Sahara and whose expansionist aims do not spare Algeria. In short, as soon as they begin to wear out the bottoms of their breeches on the school benches, the Algerians learn that their neighbor to the west is an enemy to be defeated. The narrative of the military junta invites itself even into the mosques when it comes to preaching the good word, that of the power in place. We remember only too well this December 18, 2020, when on the orders of the Algerian government authorities, the imams of the Algerian mosques were called to unify, throughout the country, their Friday sermon to attack Morocco, following to the resumption of its relations with Israel.

Therefore, should we really be surprised at the barbarity that characterized the aggression of the Atlas Cubs in Oran? This barbarity had at least one merit: it shattered the myth of the khawa khawa.

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