“Moments of humiliation”: Virginie Efira very cash on her first steps in Cannes

"Moments of humiliation": Virginie Efira very cash on her first steps in Cannes

Virginie Efira was the guest of the set of C à Vous this Tuesday, September 6. The opportunity for the actress to look back on her first steps in Cannes, which were not easy.

Virginie Efira is an actress and host who needs no introduction. She has been in the limelight for several years and is very popular with viewers. She’s starring in the movie See Paris again, directed by Alice Winocour and inspired by the attacks of September 13, which she came to promote this Tuesday, September 6. On the set of C to You, the actress made many confidences. Pierre Lescure first broadcast images of his appearance on stage in Cannes with Vincent Delaire. “You melted the cinema“, he said. Following the broadcast of it, the journalist asked his guest for details on his first visit to the Croisette. “You had come down to find financing for an unlikely film.“, he continued. To which the main concerned replied: “I was nervous before going on stage so I diminished the importance of things, telling myself that nobody cares“. A technique that did not bear fruit since Virginie Efira then remembered “moments of humiliation.

At her debut, Virgina Efira did not meet with the expected success. Like many artists, she had to climb the ladder to find a place for herself and the actress does not hesitate to talk about it very openly. “I remembered that at one time, I was going to Cannes and I was being refused from everywhere“, she said before specifying: “Even in the most rotten evenings, they didn’t want me“. Subsequently, the actress mentioned a “belgian film with people who played like feet“. An unforgettable experience for her since this one amuses her a lot. “We were doing filming photos before there was a script, we were staying at a nearby campsite but we were a little smart before arriving on set.she continued before being cut off by Émilie Tran Nguyen who talks to her about her “road traveled“. For her part, Virginie Efira assures that it is “complicated to feel it when it’s on yourself. But when we find ourselves facing closed doors, we find side paths“, concluded the one who has a string of successes today.

Virginie Efira: did she get on well with Benoît Magimel on the set of her new film?

Virginie Efira is starring in the film See Paris again and she shares the screen with Benoît Magimel. If the subject is very disturbing since it evokes an attack, the actress was able to count on the seriousness but also the support of her playing partner, whom she praised on the set of C à Vous. “I accepted this role because the partner is essential“, was first amused Benoît Magimel before adding: “I had a lot of admiration for her“. Confidences that have greatly affected the main concerned since she immediately said: “It’s totally reciprocal“. A shoot that particularly upset Virginie Efira.

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