Milly Alcock explains why Rhaenyra doesn’t really look like Daenerys

Milly Alcock explains why Rhaenyra doesn't really look like Daenerys

SERIES – ” 172 years before Daenerys “. The first episode of house of the dragonbroadcast on Monday August 22, mentions in its first minutes the last of the Targaryens, played by Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones.

Daenerys being the character that links the two series, it was tempting to make the connection with Princess Rhaenyra, her ancestor played by Milly Alcock in house of the dragon. However, the Australian actress is not necessarily in agreement with these comparisons.

We have the same wig and we both say Dracarys, but other than that I don’t feel like our two characters really look alike.”she explains to HuffPost.

“I understand why people see similarities: they are two Targaryens who claim the Iron Throne and are challenged for it. But the way they see the world, and the tools they use to get what they want are fundamentally different to me. “, she adds.

The actress wishes to recall that, despite their commonalities, these are two characters with distinct characters, and who do not aspire at all to the same destiny.

Daenerys Targaryen (right), played by Emilia Clarke in
HBO/Twitter screenshot @daemonTargayen Daenerys Targaryen (right), played by Emilia Clarke in “Game of Thrones”, is the descendant of Rhaenyra Thargaryen (left) played by Milly Alcock in “House of the dragon”.

HBO/Twitter screenshot @daemonTargayen

Daenerys Targaryen (right), played by Emilia Clarke in “Game of Thrones”, is the descendant of Rhaenyra Thargaryen (left) played by Milly Alcock in “House of the dragon”.

“Rhaenyra was born with privileges that Daenerys does not have”

Although they have the same name, this implies totally different realities for each of them, due to the distinct eras in which they evolve.

Rhaenyra was born with privileges that Daenerys did not have. “, explains Milly Alcock. Living in the Red Keep of King’s Landing, King Viserys’ daughter is part of a super-powerful family that owns many dragons.

But in Daenerys’ time, this power is only a vestige of the past. Left to her own devices, the last of the Targaryens has lost everything, and must survive alone in Game Of Thrones. Nostalgic for the golden age of her lineage, which she has never known, she develops an obsession for power.

For Rhaenyra, who benefits from a family cocoon and a parental love that Daenerys does not have in Game Of Thronesit is not so obvious.

I’m not even sure Rhaenyra really wants to sit on the Iron Throne. “, explains Milly Alcock. ” I think she mostly wants change, and validation from her father who has become her only family. The Iron Throne is the symbol of their bond and his love for her. So I think it’s a bit more complex than just wanting the power “, she continues.

Spectators have also regularly recalled an undeniable physical resemblance from this first episode. But, beyond the fact that they share the same blood, this similarity is all the more logical when one recalls that the Targaryens are followers of consanguinity.

To maintain their lineage and their particular physical characteristics, it is not uncommon to witness heavily incestuous marriages between cousins ​​and cousins, uncles and nieces or even brothers and sisters. Thus, all Targaryens look alike.


Finally, another element encouraging comparisons between the two characters: Rhaenyra and Daenerys speak the same language, common to the Targaryens: High Valyrian. This is also the language they use to communicate with their dragons.

High Valyrian was invented for the universe Game Of Thrones. Milly Alcock therefore had to memorize lines in this fictional language for the series. ” I first learned the scenes in English, and then I was given a High Valyrian translation written in phonetics. Then I listened to voice recordings on repeat until I memorized them “explains the actress.

His famous ” Dracarys “, word giving the green light to the dragons to spit their fire, has been taken up many times on social networks, in parallel with that of Emilia Clarke.

Finally, their two characters have in common only their belonging to the Targaryens, which implies the sharing of a language and physical characteristics, but do not at all occupy the same place in the universe.

They are simply two different women that it is not necessarily wise to compare, especially since we have not yet seen anything of Rhaenyra in house of the dragon.

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