Michel Drucker’s niece gets involved and pulls off a very big hit, her size announcement!

Michel Drucker's niece gets involved and pulls off a very big hit, her size announcement!

The niece of the famous Michel has also managed to make a name for herself in the French audiovisual landscape. Long a journalist and presenter of JT on the public service, Marie Drucker is today presenter of the program of news items “At the end of the investigation” broadcast every Saturday afternoon on France 2. An appointment which attracts averaged 1.2 million viewers and is successfully entering its third season. During an interview with “TV Magazine” this Saturday, September 17, she talks about her interest in criminal cases but also about her new professional life as a documentary producer but also a screenwriter and actress for the cinema. And discusses his new projects. Concerning news items, Marie Drucker explains her deep interest: “Everyone can identify, that is to say that we are aware that at any time in our life, we can be a victim , witness, executioner or involved in a case that goes wrong…” A particularly neat law of proximity in its program which gives pride of place to the technical teams: “Special care is taken with the light, the production, the editing and to writing. Finally, we accompany the viewer with my insights and those of Alain Bauer, placing things in the current and historical context.”

“And, suddenly, the relentless machine comes crashing down”

To start her new season, Marie Drucker announces two new episodes dedicated to Patrick Dils, a poignant affair against a backdrop of injustice that has marked her a lot for specific reasons: “the chaining, the manipulation, the egos with a chain of officials who absolutely want to hold a culprit in order to pride themselves on having settled a matter very quickly. It is also the contempt for what we call “little people”. (…). And, suddenly, the implacable machine descends. That’s what I find terrible. In fact, it is a tragedy in the noble sense and in the ancient sense of the word.” And the film presented in “At the end of the investigation” broadcast this Saturday, September 17 will offer a great moment: the one where, after his interview, Patrick Dils comes to hug his lawyer. The presenter explains: “In one season, we have established a relationship of trust, both with the viewers and with the protagonists. The proof, we manage to have the testimony of people who have never spoken or very little. Patrick Dils and Master Becker told us that they had agreed to participate for the quality of the show. It is a relationship of trust.”

“I am also working on writing my own feature film”

But in addition to her program “At the end of the investigation”, Marie Drucker gradually cultivated other strings to her bow by becoming a documentary producer and, more surprisingly, a film actress in the film “Another world” by Stéphane Brizé. Asked about these subjects, she replied to our colleagues: “I now devote myself a lot to cinema. I co-wrote the screenplay for his next film with Stéphane Brizé and I have another project with a co-author. I am also working on writing my own feature film.” A carefully considered decision as she admits: “That’s why I stopped being a journalist six years ago. Now I am a screenwriter, actress, producer but no longer a journalist.” And today, fully blossomed, Marie Drucker has discovered a new world which seduces her completely and which asks her to learn a new discipline: “Often people tell me that it must be easy for me because I have the accustomed to cameras but not at all. It’s not the same exercise, the same work, you’re not going to tap into the same resources, it’s very different.”

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