Mercato PSG – An option that changes everything: Kylian Mbappé’s contract deciphered

Mercato PSG – An option that changes everything: Kylian Mbappé’s contract deciphered
The Eternal Series. This Tuesday, The Team relaunched a file that we thought had been put on hold until at least 2024. According to the daily, Kylian Mbappé’s contract extension at PSG, announced last May, is not for three years but “only” for two seasons with an optional final, at the player’s discretion. A situation that changes everything, starting next summer. We explain all this to you.

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How long is Mbappé’s contract?

This is the main lesson of this affair: officially, Kylian Mbappé was linked until 2025 with PSG. Unofficially, he could be free from 2024. The extension of the Parisian prodigy, announced with great fanfare, is actually two years, with an optional year.

This option, precisely, is at the sole discretion of the player according to L’Equipe. In other words, only Mbappé can trigger this extension. His interest is rather to wait for the maximum to activate it, just to continue to keep the Parisian management under pressure. Important clarification: the financial terms of a possible activation of the option are already fixed, ruling out the idea of ​​a salary-only negotiation in the months to come.

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Why did Paris grant this option?

Because he had no choice. When negotiations were launched to extend Mbappé, PSG were starting late in the face of the Real Madrid threat. If the Parisian management worked for a long time on a new long-term contract, it ended up complying with the requests of the French clan, who preferred a short contract so as not to feel locked in.

From then on, the discussions quickly focused on a hybrid contract, with this option of an additional year. A way to secure Mbappé in the short term, while working quickly on a new, even longer contract. According to L’Equipe, this is still what has driven Parisian leaders in recent weeks: succeeding in extending Mbappé beyond 2025.

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Why is Paris already under threat?

Because PSG is already facing a dilemma for the summer of 2023: sell Mbappé if he wants to leave (which is not guaranteed) or keep him at the risk of seeing him go free in the summer of 2024? In recent years, the Parisian management has always closed the door twice for its stars under contract courted outside. Which also pushed Mbappé to negotiate this contract.

For Paris, the danger does not only concern Bondy’s crack. Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi are out of contract in June 2023 while Marco Verratti, Presnel Kimpembe, Marquinhos and therefore Mbappé have a guaranteed contract until 2024. The coming months should be hectic for Luis Campos behind the scenes.

How was the information received in Madrid?

The choice of Mbappé last summer caused outrage in the Spanish capital. And, obviously, the state of Madrid opinion has not changed much since. If the news monopolized this Tuesday morning the front page of Marca and occupied a place of choice on that of AS, the tone of the last few weeks seemed to mark a real distance from Real Madrid with Mbappé. “This Mbappé is not the Mbappé I know“, had already regretted Florentino Pérez last June after the announcement of the extension.

Since then, all the actions of the Frenchman have been dissected. In recent days, a sequence emerged on social networks, showing a dry attitude of the French towards his friend Achraf Hakimi dating from last season, has been taken up by the Spanish press. With a strong implication: Mbappé’s recent attitudes do not match the image sought by Real Madrid. Besides, a poll published on Marca this Tuesdaywith 30,000 votes announced, shows that 83% of Madrid fans no longer want Mbappé in the Spanish capital (49% believe that he “missed his chance” when 34% say that the priority objective must be Haaland) .

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