mercato, Galtier, Neymar … The interview with Luis Campos in Rothen ignites on RMC

mercato, Galtier, Neymar … The interview with Luis Campos in Rothen ignites on RMC

EXCLUDED RMC SPORT – Paris Saint-Germain football advisor Luis Campos was the exceptional guest of Rothen ignites this Friday, September 16 on RMC. From the transfer window that he deems lacking to the difficult relations between Neymar and the Parisian supporters, the boss of the PSG sports sector gave himself up for an hour and did not dodge any subject.

His method: “As in a puzzle”

Luis Campos: “The puzzle is a good example to understand it. You have to find the right pieces. Not only in the ideal eleven given by Christophe Galtier. You also have to find quality players, in accordance with the club’s project, to the team. And who are able to connect with each other and create a team. Like in a puzzle, the pieces have to click together. It’s not easy. You have to find the right pieces.”

The Galtier choice: “I called him straight away”

“When the president invited me to take over this position, the first thing I did was call Christophe Galtier, even before calling my wife and my mother.” I know his values, his abilities, what he can bring. We can do work together. We have a great mission. When the sports director is well associated with the coach, we save a lot of time. In a club like that, you have to win quickly. And to win quickly, you have to have the right people close to you. I always got on well with Christophe Galtier.”

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His bitterness on the summer transfer window

“We are coming to the end of the transfer window, without the perfect balance. We have enormous quality in the squad, no doubt. Afterwards, in the end, we don’t reach perfection. It’s always difficult to have perfection. But we are working to be as close as possible to perfection. It is a serious problem for us. When we have three central defenders when we started playing with three central defenders, it puts us in difficulty. “I’m not going to talk about names. We didn’t just speak with Skriniar. In the end, we didn’t have the player we were missing.”

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“No”, Neymar has never been on the start line

“Neymar is a very good player. We count on the three players up front. He arrives on time all the time, he hasn’t missed a training session, except one for a little pain. Neymar is involved in the the team and the club.”

The Ousmane Dembélé track did not correspond to the sports project

“I like Dembélé a lot. His favorite position is on the left side of the attack. That means we’re going to break our puzzle. Our current triangle is an upside-down triangle with Mbappé at the fore.”

“You need rigor and harmony. The rules are there. Everyone arrives on time. Nobody arrived late. The players have understood that we have the qualities to have an extraordinary team. For that, you need rules and compromises on Christophe’s game plan. You have to defend and attack together.” “It’s not me who makes the team but Christophe Galtier. You have to have box to box players in the middle. With volume of play. The team is playing well at the moment. The team is playing well when the players are involved. They have understood the principles of the game.

“I’m very happy. Last year he played 20 years at Barcelona where he was an icon. He changed to a different city, a different language, a completely different football and league. He took his time. This year, we have a Messi who is more and more capable of reaching a high level.”

“Because the opponents are studying us. They are beginning to understand how we play. It is up to us to find new solutions, to progress. Christophe Galtier and his staff are working on this with the players. There are three games a week, which causes a little more tired. We had a very good performance against Juve. It’s up to us to grow as a team. We only have two and a half months of work. We will have good times and others not so good. important is to win.”

Why Neymar and Messi don’t wave with fans

“You have to allow time for healing. Some not very pretty things happened (they were whistled after the elimination against Real last season, editor’s note). I listened to them afterwards. hard things on an emotional level. You have to let it heal slowly.”

The status of Mbappé

“I arrived before his extension. I really like Mbappé. I’ve known him since he was 14-15 years old (at AS Monaco). We spent some important times together. He knows his place very well. , his role.”

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