Meghan Markle tactile: her incredible gesture in front of a teenager in the middle of a crowd in Windsor

Meghan Markle tactile: her incredible gesture in front of a teenager in the middle of a crowd in Windsor

Saturday September 10, 2022, Meghan Markle, accompanied by Princes William and Harry, as well as Kate Middleton, appeared at Windsor Castle. In the middle of a crowd, the Duchess of Sussex made an astonishing gesture in front of a teenager.

  • Meghan Markle is currently in the UK.
  • Prince Harry’s wife appeared at Windsor Castle.
  • Meghan Markle hugged a 14-year-old girl.
  • The teenager wanted to make it clear to the Duchess of Sussex that she was welcome.

A remarkable return … Thursday, September 8, 2022, Buckingham Palace announced in a press release the death of Elizabeth II at the age of 96. Saturday September 10, 2022, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Princes William and Harry went to Windsor Castle to greet the fans who came to honor the memory of the Queen of England. While her visits to the UK have been rare over the past two years, the Duchess of Sussex has been very well received, especially by 14-year-old Amelka Zak. In one video, the mother-of-two can be heard asking for the girl’s first name before exclaiming: “How beautiful ! Thank you for being here, it means so much to the family. We appreciate that.“After Amelka Zak revealed to her that she had waited two hours before seeing her, Meghan Markle blurted out: “Oh my God. Ok, I hope you can go home soon, we appreciate you being here.

For CNN, Amelka Zak said: “We were waiting for her to come and she came near me, she asked my name and how was my day, how long I had been waiting. As she asked if I could hug her and she hugged me back. It was an incredible moment. I’m still shaking.Referring to the tensions between the Royal Family and Meghan Markle, the teenager added:I just wanted to show her that she was still welcome here. I wanted to hug her after everything that happened. I felt the need to do this, because in a way, I admire him, and I thought it was the right thing to do.“Happy to see the family reunited, she said afterwards: “It was kind of nice to see William and Kate and Megan and Harry together. And that was fine, but I just wanted to show her that she’s welcome here, I guess. And I wanted to hug her after everything that’s happened, really, now.

Prince Harry’s heartbreaking tribute to Elizabeth II

Monday September 12, 2022, Meghan Markle’s husband wanted to react to the disappearance of his grandmother in a press release. A year and a half after the death of Prince Philip, he shared: “She was admired and respected around the world. His unfailing grace and dignity endured throughout his life and will continue to do so through his legacy (…) Grandma, as this final separation plunges us into sadness, I will always be grateful for our first encounters. – from my earliest childhood memories with you, to meeting you for the first time as my Commander-in-Chief, but also the first time you met my wife and hugged my children.“With emotion, he added:”We smile knowing that you and Grandpa are now reunited, together and at peace.

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