Meghan Markle shocks South Africans with her Archie story, they fight back

Meghan Markle shocks South Africans with her Archie story, they fight back

In her latest podcast with Serena Williams, Meghan Markle claimed a fire broke out in Archie’s bedroom while on tour in South Africa. The response did not wait!

  • During her last Spotify Podcast, Meghan Markle made statements about her tour of South Africa in 2019
  • She claimed a fire broke out in her son Archie’s bedroom
  • Internet users did not appreciate and counter-attacked

During his last Spotify podcastMeghan Markle, 41, told the tennis star, Serena Williamsthata fire broke out in her son’s room during his tour of South Africa. This incident would have greatly shaken the Duchess of Sussex and even left her in “tears”, according to the DailyMail. This incident, many people remember it. It took place on September 23, 2019. At that time, little Archieson of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, was only 4 months old.

However, Archie was not in the room from Cape when a radiator started smoking, according to the outlet. The sources of DailyMail say they do not remember a fire. Only the heating would have smoked and would have been quickly disconnected and dealt with. Also during the podcast, Prince Harry’s wife said she was obligated to pursue official engagements despite the annoyance. She even accused the tour leaders of “focus on looks rather than feelings”.

“She is single-handedly offending the world, country by country!”

Faced with the Duchess’s claims, South Africans would not have appreciated and would even have counter-attacked on social media. This action had such a scale than the hashtag “#VoetsekMeghan” term meaning “go away” is currently trending on Twitter. Moreover, the comments against the mother of two children are numerous.

“South Africa…You guys are amazing – the tag #VoetsekMeghan is awesome. She’s doingoffend the world alone, country by country! It’s such a shame when most of his fans are in South Africa… oops! “, wrote a user. “I don’t care about the incident of the fire, but the statement: coming to South Africa is the bravest thing she ever did. That says a lot. Like she was coming in some state of apocalypse or whatever. She should clarify what was brave, is it because it’s in Africa? #VoetsekMeghan”, wrote another.

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