Meghan Markle royally ignored: this great moment of embarrassing loneliness under the eye of the cameras (video)

Meghan Markle royally ignored: this great moment of embarrassing loneliness under the eye of the cameras (video)

Out in Windsor to greet the crowd this Saturday, September 10, 2022, Meghan Markle had to face the unpleasant indifference of some of the British. The moment of embarrassment was, unfortunately for her, filmed.

  • On Saturday September 10, Meghan Markle went to meditate in front of the flowers laid at Windsor Castle in tribute to Elizabeth II.
  • On site, the Duchess of Sussex went to greet the crowd.
  • Some Britons refused to shake her hand and openly ignored her.

Meghan Markle’s popularity rating is at half mast. Since her departure from the United Kingdom in 2020 in the company of her husband, Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has been less and less unanimous among the British. According to an Ipsos poll published on April 7, 2022, she would be among the members of the royal family the least appreciated by the English., with 50% unfavorable responses against 24% favorable. Note that in 2018, the year of her marriage to Prince Harry, the Duchess recorded only 34% of devaforable responses.

If these figures may seem abstract, the decline in popularity of Meghan Markle is also observed on the ground. This September 10, 2022, as she greeted the crowd gathered in front of Windsor Castle following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Duchess of Sussex saw, with her eyes, the consequences of her break with the royal family. Passing in front of the crowd, as shown in a video shared on social networks, Meghan Markle faced indifference from some Britons, who not only did not put out their hand to shake hers, but sometimes looked away, blatantly ignoring her. Embarrassed, the Duchess hastened to go on her way to shake other hands, but the moment of discomfort continued. Filmed for a long time, two snobbish girls exchanged a few words about the Duchess before letting out a laugh, visibly proud to have expressed their disenchantment with Prince Harry’s wife in this way.

Meghan Markle presents to pay tribute to Elizabeth II

A deeply embarrassing scene, especially since the moment was very badly chosen on the part of the British to settle their accounts with Meghan Markle. This Saturday, September 10, the Duchess was out with husband Prince Harryhis brother-in-law, Prince William, and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, to meditate in front of the flowers placed in Windsor in tribute to Elizabeth II, died September 8 last in Balmoral, Scotland. The image of ex-FabFour reunited has also aroused strong reactions across the United Kingdom, some seeing it as a sign of reconciliation between the two sons of King Charles III, who have been cold for more than two years now…

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for more than 70 years, will take place on September 19 in Westminster Abbey, London. Meghan Markle will travel there with her husband, Prince Harry, and may take his children, Archie and Lilibetwho could soon join the United Kingdom in the company of their grandmother, Doria Ragland. The arrival of the two little ones from Sussex, aged 3 and 1, has not yet been confirmed by their parents.

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