Meghan Markle accused of lying: why the latest photos of Kate and William’s children are a blow for her

Meghan Markle accused of lying: why the latest photos of Kate and William's children are a blow for her

The return to school has taken place for the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William, and Meghan Markle has once again found herself in an awkward position.

  • Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have made their comeback
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William weren’t bothered by the paparazzi
  • Meghan Markle refused to allow Archie to go to school in England because of the paparazzi

A peaceful return. The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have, like most children, made their return to school at the beginning of September. And contrary to what Meghan Markle thought, they weren’t bothered by the paparazzi. Indeed one of the reasons given by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for their move to the United States was that little Archie would be harassed endlessly by the press if he was enrolled in school in England. During an interview with The Cutthe Duchess of Sussex had indeed explained that it would be “impossible to drop off or pick up Archie without it turning into a photo shoot with 40 people shooting”.

According to the UK Editors Code however, the press has very strict rules when it comes to the children of the royal family. They must be able to follow their education without being disturbed by journalists and paparazzi. So far, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have therefore been able to take their first steps in school without‘no photo of them that has not been authorized by their parents and by the palace appears in the media, and so should it now that Prince Louis has started school. Far from being naive, Prince William and Kate Middleton indeed know that the public is very interested in the actions of the royal family, including children. The couple therefore sometimes allows a handful of media to attend certain events with their children.

Kate and William keep watch

It also happens to William and Kate to publish pictures of their children themselves to satisfy public curiosity while controlling what appears in the media. Contrary to what Meghan Markle therefore feared, it would seem that the British press is respectful of the rules imposed on the sensitive subject of children. For the return of George, Charlotte and Louis, Prince William and Kate Middleton have thus allowed three journalists to photograph them for two minutes in order to immortalize this new important stage in the lives of children. Plainclothes guards were nearby to monitor the scene without disturbing the children, and the press was dispersed after the whole little family entered the school.

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