Meghan Markle absent at Balmoral: this important role played by Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle absent at Balmoral: this important role played by Kate Middleton

Shortly before the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II, her grandson, Prince Harry, had decided to take the plane in an emergency to fly to Balmoral Castle, Scotland, in order to go to the bedside of the queen. A trip that the Duke of Sussex made alone because his wife, Meghan Markle, had decided not to accompany him. And Kate Middleton is no stranger to this decision made by her sister-in-law.

This Thursday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, after 70 years of reign on the British throne. A few hours before taking his last breath, several members of the royal family had decided to go to the bedside of the monarch, who was then in his castle of Balmoral, in Scotland. This is for example the case of the queen’s grandson, the Prince Harry.

While he was in London, to participate in various charity events, the Duke of Sussex, did not hesitate for a single second before getting on a plane. Unfortunately, It is arrived too late, for when he joined the domain, the death of His Majesty had already been announced for more than an hour. In photos of him in the car transporting him from the airport to the castle, we can see Prince Harry completely dejected.

Meghan Markle ‘changed her mind’ because of Kate Middleton

For this difficult journey, he also could not count on the support of his wife, Meghan Marklebecause she had decided not to accompany him. According to Nicholas Witchell, a royal correspondent for the BBC, the American comedian feared not to be”warmly welcomedby other members of the royal family. A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had confirmed earlier today that the couple would travel to Scotland together after learning that the Queen was in poor health.

But according to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle has “change of opinionin particular because of Kate Middleton. The brand new Princess of Wales had also made the choice not to accompany her husband to Scotland, due to the return to school of her children at their new school. “It was the first day at a new school for the Duke and Duchess’s children, and I don’t think they wanted to interrupt that day or scare the children on day one, a specialist told British media.had thus explained an expert of the crown, specifying that for him, this attitude had also motivated the decision of Meghan Markle: “In my opinion, the absence of Meghan Markle is probably due to the fact that Kate Middleton did not go there. Meghan doesn’t want to interrupt something sacred and feels particularly uncomfortable without Kate there.”. Especially since according to a person close to the palace reported by the Mirror, Prince Harry had been warned by his father that Meghan was “not welcome” at Balmoral to discover the dying queen.

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