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Claudine un si grand soleil

Discover the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 4 in advance episode 912 of Wednesday July 6, 2022 on France 2. Claire is on the loop on Hélène, she does not want to give up. Maxime finally arrested by the police while Claudine has a crush on Alain.

The complete recap of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil of 07/06/2022 with all the spoilers and preview photos of the day’s episode 912. #UnSiGrandSoleil

Yann such a big sun

It’s the end for Maxime

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 912 broadcast on France 2 on Wednesday July 6, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episode Such a big sun episode 911 is online.

Sabine calls her father in relation to Maxime: she confides to him that she had a relationship with him for 15 days. Sabine explains that she remembered disturbing details.

Claire is in a bad mood, she is always tense at home. She announces to Florent that Hélène is back at the hospital and that she is going to take it upon herself.

Maxime calls Ines because she is not at work, he tells her he is worried because she has not informed of his absence.
Maxime receives a call from the police station, he has to go on his lunch break.

Claudine such a big sun

Claudine flirts openly with Alain

Yasmine and David are happy with the return of Hélène Dambreville: for Claire, it looks complicated.
Alix picks up Claudine at the hospital, that’s it, she has the green light from the doctors, she can go out. Alix has bought a perfume for men which she gives to Claudine…she offers Alain the present to thank him for having been so attentive. Alain is a little embarrassed but accepts the gift.

Alain and Helene such a big sun

Alain is happy that Hélène is back in the hospital

Yann questions Maxime (Elise listens behind one-way glass) following a complaint filed by Ines for sexual harassment. Maxime says is this a joke? Elise arrives telling Yann that she has received the complete dossier on Karine Redon… Maxime changes his attitude.

When Maxime gets back to his car, he panics…he doesn’t know what to do.
Maxime goes to a kind of hangar and there he moves a slab in which Karine Redon was hidden: he wanted to move the body. As he leaves, the police are waiting for him and arrest him.

Louis confides in Akim that he has the stress for the DST: Eve tells him that everything will be fine, he must trust himself. Louis managed to concentrate…and it went well.

Yann such a big sun

Elise and Yann went all out with Maxime and it worked

Claire is pissed to see that even Dr. Alphan has passed the towel as if nothing had happened.

Such a big sun in advance episode 912 of July 6, 2022: Claudine fell for Alain, Elisabeth has to worry?

Claire confronts Hélène: Claire thinks that her medication has only revealed her personality. She thinks she manipulated the doctors. Hélène is crying…and Claire tells her that she no longer exists for her.
Steve tells Akira that he doesn’t want to go to the movies this weekend because he has to revise.

Yann such a big sun

Elise and Yann went all out with Maxime and it worked

Maxim such a big sun

The end for Maxime, the trap set has worked

Florent USGS

Florent is afraid for Claire of the rotten atmosphere in the hospital

When Claire comes home in the evening, Florent asks her how it went. She tells him that she took on her 3/4 of the day but in the end she broke down, she told him everything she had in her heart. Claire has emptied her bag… Florent is afraid that their relationship will sour. Claire does not want to make any effort.

To be continued on full summary Such a big sun episode 913 broadcast on Thursday July 7 on France 2.

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