Mathieu Madénian is ironic about the longevity of Michel Drucker

Mathieu Madénian is ironic about the longevity of Michel Drucker

VIDEO – This Sunday, the 79-year-old host, of whom it was the last on France 2, received the comedian who did not hesitate to make jokes about his transfer to France 3.

This afternoon, for the last of “Long live Sunday” and of “Vivement dimanche dimanche” on France 2, Michael Drucker hadn’t planned a special farewell. And for good reason, his two shows do not stop but are simply transferred to France 3. Nevertheless, the 79-year-old host had the opportunity to mention his arrival on the second public service channel from August 29 thanks at Mathieu Madenian.

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True to form, the comedian, who came to promote his Festival in Collioure, was indeed very lively. From his installation on the famous red sofa, he mocked the longevity of the one who made him known ten years ago. “We talked about Mbappé for a year, knowing if he was going to Real Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain, but the transfer of the year is still Michel Drucker on France 3, it’s applauded. Did you take 100 million too or not? In old francs, how much did you take? Seriously, it’s the Nadal of France Télé with more hair and less prickly but it’s him “he began causing hilarity on the set.

While Michel Drucker explained that he was chosen to be one of the faces of the 2024 Olympic Games – “because I am the only survivor of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics” -, Mathieu Madénian continued with a vengeance. “He already knows what he’s going to do in 2024, I don’t know what I’m going to eat tonight, but no kidding, it’s incredible!”added the comedian before asking: “How many years of career you told me? 60 years?” And the host to clarify: “Nearly 60 years old”. “You have all your retirement points, stop. But that’s why Macron is pissing us off with his reform. He sees you working, he says the old ones we pull them to the end. Stop it»joked the guest.

“On Sunday afternoon, my grandmother will have Cyril Féraud and Michel Drucker, for her, it’s the ideal porn”

Mathieu Madénian in “Vivement dimanche dimanche” on France 2

Far from having finished, Mathieu Madénian then mocked the average age of viewers of “Vivement dimanche”. “France 3 is good. I looked a little bit, I didn’t look too much. I thought of my grandmother. On Sunday afternoon, she will have Cyril Féraud and Michel Drucker, for her, it’s the ideal porn.dropped the comedian who faced Jérôme Commandeur, unable to hold back laughter. “It’s good it’s that the public of France 3, they fall asleep on Wednesday at noon, they wake up on Monday at 10 am. Don’t talk too loud”he advised the hilarious host.

Noting that the spectators had returned to the Studio Gabriel, Mathieu Madénian then attacked the public, whose courage he praised. “I don’t know if you can hear me, but listen to me. He went through hardships your audience. There was the Covid, the confinement, the end of Flames of love and he is still there. When I see that Americans, they do Jurassic World, if they want to film dinosaurs, let them come and film Drucker’s audience. It’s less dangerous and they don’t have any teeth.”he swung arousing boos.

At the very end of the show Mathieu Madénian gave a layer: “Your last on France 2, it’s great. You continue on France 3 behind, it will never stop. It’s incredible! The sofa, how many times have we changed it? You, we have never changed you”.

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