Maripan sinks the Lyonnais! It’s not possible this minimal level marking… The match live

Maripan sinks the Lyonnais!  It's not possible this minimal level marking... The match live

67th: Ouuuuh the slightly light back pass from Maripan I think, Nübel had to rush to arrive before Lacazette. Be careful not to put the opponent back in the match on a stupidity guys, it would be a shame.

65th : Bon bon bon, the ASM comes as it would say to kill the match. I don’t know how you get up from two goals like that, almost in quick succession, when you haven’t shown much before.

63rd: MARIPAN DOUBLE THE BET!! Still on CPA, the Monegasque defender comes to place his head, all alone at the peno point. Nice Lyon line-up, nothing to say.

61st : Peter Bosz changes plans, entry of Moussa Dembélé in place of Caqueret. The OFFENSIVE solution.

58th : The Lyonnais were led away on the hour mark by a direct competitor… we’ll see if they have anything to react to now.

56th : Magnificent relaxation from the Monegasque defender, dropped by Thiago Mendes on marking. Another bad point for the Brazilian, that’s a lot this week.

55th: BADIASHILE’S HELMET BLOW!! On the corner that follows, Caio Henrique drops the ball on the head of his defender, who jumps higher than everyone. ASM opens the scoring!

54th: Ouuuuh the rescue of Lukeba in front of Embolo, he already saw himself putting it in the back of the Swiss striker’s head. Very nice defensive move.

53rd: A HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR LACAZETTE! Perfect pass from Tolisso in the depth but Nübel Neuer intervenes, knee to the ground. Behind Tetê tries his luck from a distance but it goes over the bar.

51st : So many simple passes that don’t arrive… Far too many approximations on each side, for two teams supposed to play at the top of the table, it’s really not possible.

48th : Tetê and Toko still make two forwards out of three who dribbles headlong on almost every ball. That’s a lot (and not very effective).

46th: Kick-off of the second period! Gentlemen, we want goals (non-negotiable).

9:44 p.m. : Prime puts us a nice doc during this half-time. We hear referee Jérémie Pignard during the PSG-Brest match yesterday afternoon. We talked a lot about his choices, especially concerning the intervention of Kimpembe at the end. Red or not? In any case, we see that he does not take back the Parisian defender at all when he clearly lacks respect for him (“touch me not brother!”)

45th: HALF-TIME. A lot of opportunities in this first period, the two teams had their chance but for the moment it does not fit. See you in a few minutes!

44th : Oh Tetê’s head (what else?) directly in Nübel’s arms… He was point-blank but it wasn’t easy to catch, it came quickly and he was out of the way.

43rd: BOUM Golovin who attempts a 30m volley, Lopes boxing (and takes a break on the way). He took a good sole from Gusto on the spot the Russian, it hurts a lot. Not sure he can stay on the lawn.

42nd: AAAHHHH HEAD!!! Magnificent pass from Lacazette in full surface, the Brazilian tries it from the right in the closed angle but it ends in the small net. Wasn’t there anything better to do in the center?

40th : The answer is obviously yes.

37th : The almost dice pass from Thiago Mendes for Golovin on a clearance from the Monegasque goalkeeper, lol. It is saved by Gusto in the depth fortunately.

36th : Tagliafico trying 25m… Why not. Pretty easy for Nübel anyway.

34th: THE CONFOUILLAGE IN THE LYONNAIS AREA! Diatta puts the boxon and the defenders of OL do not get out of it, finally Lopes throws himself on the ball while Thiago Mendes was going to put a big chick in it. All. Go. Good.

32nd: Head the rolled up it’s above. The Brazilian had made the difference with a big run diagonally before serving KTE, but the latter took 8 years to give him back… The shot was a bit complicated as a result.

30th : Hop hop hop the moldy revival of Toto Lopes for Caqueret, the Lyon midfielder cannot control it and that brings a big opportunity for ASM. It is finally cleared by Thiago Mendes (well placed to know that it can happen to everyone).

27th : Embolo he has a bonus obtaining peno is not possible. He has to be careful because soon there will be a real mistake and the referee won’t want to whistle.

25th : Big weak time there, the rhythm fell well after 20 first minutes rather removed. Come on, the second wind guys (I would already be on my 5th personally).

22nd : First (slight) shiver on the goal of Nübel with Caqueret who rushes into the heap and Lacaz ‘which triggers quickly after recovering the ball by chance. In the arms of the German goalkeeper.

21st: Rha no Embolo you’re too worried about it! 10 times too much! There was possibly a little something about this duel in the surface but this grotesque dive even before contact, it’s not.

18th : It’s been much better for the ASM for 5 minutes, the match has (already) reversed. And we salute Thiago Mendes for his intervention on this laser pass from Fofana, if he had not been there Golovin would have found himself alone against Lopes.

16th: Embolo this time, he was all alone at the point of peno! Fortunately for the Lyonnais he does not support his head enough. Beautiful center of Vanderson by the way.

15th: THE POST FOR DIATTA!! Like what it takes not 40 to Monegasques. Golovin strikes on the left, his cross is average but he lands in the feet of Diatta who strikes from the left while turning around. Lopes was beaten.

13th : On the other side, Golovin and Embolo are forced into a miracle at two against six. Two rooms two atmospheres.

11th : They even do better than project themselves quickly there, they settle squarely in the opposing camp. Caqueret arrives with the stove and the Canadian tent.

9th : Interesting Lyonnais at the start of the match, well in place and it projects quickly forward. Toko and Tetê have already started having fun with the Monegasques’ three-man defense.

6th : So the long clearances towards Caqueret in the aerial duel with Disasi, not sure that’s a great idea. Even on a misunderstanding.

5th : Tokoooo the pass there, it was a foregone conclusion that you were going to be countered there were three Monegasques in front. Otherwise there was your captain in the area…

3rd : Embolo shaken at the start by Coco Tolisso. Manly but correct.

8:42 p.m. : The two teams enter the lawn of Louis II. Stadium far from full, summer is well over on the Côte d’Azur…

8:40 p.m .: Philippe Clément justifies the absence of Ben Yedder from the starting 11

Interviewed by Prime Video > “It’s a bit complicated at the moment, I’m missing two strikers (injured) for a few more weeks. We play every three days, so I have to choose one of the two (between BY and Embolo), otherwise at some point I will have to play without a striker. »

8:36 p.m. : In any case, with the victories of Lorient this afternoon, OM and PSG yesterday and Lens on Friday, OL would be well advised to win to stay in contact with the head.

8:33 p.m. : Beautiful poster, and a lot of stake casually this evening. ASM has not yet taken off this season, and must win to switch to the right side. OL are doing better in terms of rankings, but we are waiting to see what the Lyonnais have in the belly in adversity, after being overwhelmed on all sides in Lorient during the week.

8:30 p.m. : No surprise, however, on the OL side. The TLT in front, Thiago Mendes confirmed in central defense alongside Lubeka.

8:27 p.m. : Without further ado, the compositions. We start with the locals, with Ben Yedder on the bench. Half-surprise in the sense that Wissam hasn’t been in the game since the start of the season, but still a surprise for a game of this importance. Embolo, scorer this week in the Europa League, will play up front, with Golovin and Diatta behind him.

8:25 p.m .: Tut tut we are here!

Official kick off of this live. Monaco-OL, we have known worse to spend on a Sunday evening.

9:30 a.m. : To wait, a small house pap on the general. You’re welcome.

9 a.m.: Hello family, I hope the weekend has been pleasant for you, and that it will end with an L1 poster that lives up to what it has been in recent seasons. Neither ASM nor OL are thrilling many people at the start of the season, but we are talking about two contenders for the podium who can wake up at any time, especially the Monegasques, used to diesel starts before crushing everyone. in spring. At 20 minutes, we want to bet on a great match, and undoubtedly a great anything from Thiago Mendes, so as not to deviate from good habits.

>> Appointment around 8:30 p.m. for the composition of the teams, see you later

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