Marie-Sophie Lacarrau forced to change during her diary, the dumpling

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau comme vous ne l’avez jamais vue, jambes en l’air et tenue super moulante

Tuesday, June 28, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was invited to the program “Accès Direct” on “France Bleu”. During an exchange with the journalists of the chain, she evoked her way of dressing when she presents the 1 p.m. newspaper on TF1. Listeners learned that the journalist chooses her outfits according to the news, and this, for a very specific reason. Without further ado, Objeko tells you all about it in detail.

JT presenters are required to take care of their image, it is part of their job. They appear in close-up on our screen for long minutes and even if it is not a fashion show or a beauty contest, viewers are demanding when it comes to appearance. The presenter of the 1 p.m. news on TF1 is well aware of all this. This is why she takes great care of her image, in particular by choosing her clothes according to the news of the day. Objeko brings you the words of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau on France Bleu.

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau returns to the 1 p.m. news after five months of absence

After having spent five long months away from the TV sets, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has finally found her position as presenter at the 1 p.m. newscast on TF1. Indeed, the journalist was affected by an amoebic keratin. This eye infection is caused by germs in tap water. Contact lens wearers risk being affected if they neglect drying their hands before handling these small transparent films. Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was eager to return and viewers delighted to find her.

It is therefore on “France Bleu” that the 46-year-old journalist spoke recently. One of the topics covered was her outfits during the 1 p.m. newscast. She is well aware that the viewers are very numerous in front of their television at this hour. This is why she wants to take care of her image. “Unfortunately, I think the first seconds we appear, we are first commented on our makeup, our hairstyle and our outfit” she confided before adding: “Once it’s over, they listen to us. It’s true that it’s regrettable, but it’s an image business so we accept it. »

The journalist carefully chooses her outfits to present the newspaper

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau seems to think that women are judged more on their physical appearance than men. This idea the grow to step up its efforts to take care of its image. In addition, the TF1 journalist chooses her outfits according to the news. She leaves nothing to chance!

“I pay attention to my outfits according to the news. If I’m planning on wearing a flamboyant red dress and some really tough news comes in the morning, I’m obviously going to change into my clothes and not come in red. We try to plan for everything.” she explained to the antenna of “France Bleu”. For her, it’s all about common sense. How to stay credible when wearing an outfit completely offbeat? Dressing cheerfully while talking about a dramatic subject is the best way to lose the confidence of viewers.

Errors in taste that do not go unnoticed

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau does well to pay attention to these details. Some of these sisters have not done it and have bitten their fingers. Remember Audrey-Crespo-Mara who created the bad buzz on the web during an 8 p.m. newscast. It was an edition dedicated to the Barcelona attack and the journalist wore a bright red dress! You imagine that Internet users were not kind to the journalist. Critics rocketed for days. Alerting all journalists and presenters on the care to be given to their dress. In view of the attention that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau devotes to the choice of her clothes for each news, this misadventure is not likely to happen to her.

Anyway, the 46-year-old journalist seems to please TF1 viewers a lot. Indeed, the audience shares are excellent every lunchtime. Let’s hope she stays in this position for many years!

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