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Discover the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 4 in advance episode 975 of Friday September 9, 2022 on France 2. Christophe is stressed with this story by Patrice Angel. Charles confides his worries to Dylan about his boss. Margot confides in Antonin…and Kira has a bad day.

The complete recap of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil of 09/09/2022 with all the spoilers and preview photos of the episode of the day 974. #UnSiGrandSoleil

camille such a big sun

End of the adventure for Camille and Steve

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 975 broadcast on France 2 on Friday September 9, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes Such a big sun episodes 974 is online.

Christophe tries to relax in the swimming pool, he smiles again. Cécile tells him that she is happy to find him. Christophe apologizes for being a bear a few days ago.

Christophe’s heart is racing, Cécile thinks he should have a check-up. Christophe says it must be the stress.

Claire and Florent decide to buy an Emma hybrid mattress (editor’s note: product placement) because if it doesn’t fit, they can return it.
Kira is afraid to return to the centre…she has trouble planning for the move.

A new teacher arrives at high school: Sabine, Mo and Eve are under the spell!

Margot apologizes to Cécile for having forced herself to come. She tells him that she was just worried about her.

Margot confides in Antonin that Cécile filters her calls and that gets her drunk.

Camille such a big sun

Last selfie before taking the flight

Charles discovers the drug Fentanyl, he tells Christophe that it is not for animals. Christophe says it helps when he has more painkillers. Then, Christophe lies about his so-called weekend in the Pyrenees.

Manu such a big sun

Manu and Laetitia are sad

Laetitia and Manu take Steve and Camille to the airport: it’s time to leave for Korea. Once the teenagers have boarded, Laetitia and Manu go for coffee. Then they reminisce about the good times with their daughter by looking at photo albums.

USGS Thais

Thaïs the new high school student

Patrice Angel tells Eva that things are much better, he still has some pain from the operation. For business, he must still remain hidden. It was Franck who took over with the Spaniards. Patrice tells Franck that the scar pulls a lot.

Charles confides in Dylan about his boss Christophe: he thought he was legit but he has more and more doubts. Dylan asks Charles to focus on bar accounting.

such a big sun

New teacher on the horizon

Kira doesn’t like the new Thais in high school.

Such a big sun in advance episode 975 of September 9, 2022: will Christophe finally fall for all his shenanigans?

Alain such a big sun

Stress gives Christophe a heart attack

Margot explains to Antonin that Christophe is hiding something from Cécile. She wonders if Christophe has a hidden son. Margot doesn’t want to f*** the sea** in her sister’s relationship by throwing out the info.

Alain gave Christophe an ultrasound: everything is fine in his heart. Alain thinks that Christophe somatizes with stress.

Thierry such a big sun

Nice discovery for Aya and Thierry

Thierry and his colleague Aya (played by Priska Peraste) follow a customer from the CBD shop. They realize it’s a cover. They intercept the contents of the pocket sold by Eva: inside a prepaid phone.

Highlights Un si grand soleil of September 9, 2022: what to remember

– Christophe’s health is good, no heart problems
– Margot is increasingly worried about her sister
– Thierry and Aya make progress in the investigation
– Steve and Camille leave, a new teacher and Thaïs arrive

To be continued on full summary Such a big sun episode 976 from Monday September 12, 2022 on France 2 with Fred Bianconi who plays the role of Virgil the former co-director of Senso and Tonya Kinzinger who plays Dr. Janet Lewis.

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