Love is in the meadow: tensions between two suitors at the supermarket for shortcrust pastry

Love is in the meadow: tensions between two suitors at the supermarket for shortcrust pastry

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The second episode of “Love is in the meadow” was partly devoted to the first hours of Laurence and Nathalie’s stay with Jean, a cow breeder in Beaujolais.

After opening the letters of his suitors last week, Jean, the 58-year-old suckler cow breeder from Beaujolais, had selected Laurence and Nathalie to come and stay at his farm, with a crush on Nathalie. Two different women: the discreet Laurence is a 56-year-old town hall employee from Charente and the exuberant Nathalie is a 55-year-old cleaner from Isère.

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Once the two women arrived in Beaujolais, the trio headed for the supermarket to buy something to eat for a merguez evening for 19 people the following Sunday. During the two hours of racing, the character of the two women was quick to oppose.

For a rice salad, Laurence wants pickles, not Nathalie. “We don’t need it”. For the cheese, Laurence suggests brie. Nathalie catches on the shelves of Saint-Marcellin where she is from. To vary the menu, Laurence suggests making a Lorraine quiche while Nathalie would prefer a pizza. That’s when the two women’s difference in taste came to light. While Laurence was looking for a shortcrust pastry in the aisle, Nathalie said to her: “Puff pastry is better than shortcrust pastry”. “Oh no not with a quiche”, corrected Laurence. “Oh well no, I don’t do it with shortcrust pastry. Afterwards, you do as you want. Shortcrust pastry breaks,” Nathalie replied. Laurence chose the shortcrust pastry as she wanted, while remarking in front of the camera: “Nathalie is a girl who orders”.

The tensions between the two contenders did not fail to react to Internet users.

I chose OK! And you shut your mouth and we quickly go shopping there’s Johnny’s concert which is about to start! ? #Love is in the meadow #adp2022 #ADP

— Flashounet125 ?? (@Flasht1252) August 29, 2022

It smells like fighting!
” – you have to put shortcrust pastry
– it’s you who breaks them for me!”#ouicheLorraine #ADP #adp2022

— The President (@zecailloux) August 29, 2022

RT if the quiche is made with shortcrust pastry Liked for the puff pastry #adp2022 #QuicheBattle

—TwittoSeb (@TwittoSeb) August 29, 2022


The world-class bitch…

— Oldup (@oldupkendo) August 29, 2022

“I should have done a Drive”… #adp2022 #adp #ADP22

— Niko (@Niko_Officiel) August 29, 2022

The tensions did not abate at mealtime, in the evening. Each time a contender told an anecdote or expressed her tastes, the other contender also gave her point of view. An attitude that neither of them liked.

At the end of this first day at the farm, Jean has not yet made his choice between the two women. “It’s 50-50”. A week’s stay on the farm could be very long for this good dough farmer…

And the other farmers?

During this second episode, Thierry the olive grower from Provence who punctuates each of his sentences with the expression “rascal of fate” has selected his suitors. He retained Sylviane, a retiree from Toulouse, and Renée, a Marseille native of Spanish origin. Thierry had already participated in “Love is in the meadow” 7 years ago but the relationship had ended.

Alexandre, the 35-year-old dairy cow farmer from Normandy, also had to select the contenders who wrote to him. He finally chose to invite Anaïg and Laura.

Sébastien, the 35-year-old Corsican pig breeder, welcomed Perrine and Léa to the farm. Perrine, a Lille ex-candidate for The Voice in Belgium, is suspected by Internet users of participating in the show to make the buzz. The future will tell.

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