Love is in the meadow: Karine Le Marchand evokes the painful return of Thierry…

L amour est dans le pré

For the first time in the history of Love is in the meadow, a candidate is making a comeback to hope to find love. This year, it is Thierry who hopes to find an honest and sincere companion, who comes for him, and not for the M6 ​​cameras. One thing is certain, the contenders will be watched by Karine Le Marchand and the production. Out of question for the facilitator to be fooled. She intends to learn a lesson from the past.

Throwback to a highlight of Love is in the meadow

Fans of the show remember the balance sheet in 2015 with the arrival of Thierry. It is with 17 kilos less that the farmer comes face to Karine Le Marchand. He then went through a very difficult period for him. Indeed, he cannot recover from his breakup with Annick, his suitor for whom he had a real crush..

Karine amplified things a bit. I have never been depressed in my life! Even when my parents disappeared, in 2011 and 2012, which was much worse… But it’s true that I had a few very difficult days after Annick left at the end of March. And I was still sad on the balance sheet, at the beginning of June. You often see me away from the group on the pictures… But it was still me who launched the idea of to show our posteriors at the end (laughs)“.

Thierry has everything to find love and we thought it was done. But the farmer is still single. Not disgusted by his first faith in the show, he decides to trust the show again.

Thierry back in Love is in the meadow

In the columns from Télé Cable Sat, host Karine Le Marchand returned to this long-awaited return. »We stayed close, with Thierry. He was very accompanied by the former producer and the shrink of the show. At the bottom of us, there was, I believe, guilt. Today, that would not happen again. We would get the girl out of the program before the end. She was hated so much because she made fun of Thierry and she just wanted to be on TV that it served as a lesson“.

It’s out of the question for her to see women coming for to hope become television stars thanks to the show: ” Since then, we haven’t had this type of person on the show. No girl has made a career or has become a star thanks to Love is in the meadow and that’s good. It’s anti-reality TV, this show“.

She is in any case very excited to present this new season which takes a new breath, after two particular years. ” We feel that we have come out of the despair linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have farmers who suffer from loneliness, of course, but who are reasonable. They ignite but no longer want to be wrong“.

Karine Le Marchand is the favorite host of the French

In the columns of the magazine, she returned to her status as the favorite host of the French. A reward which is for her the most beautiful of all. ” This is the best response to those who accuse me of insincerity. Some make their mark on criticism. In the age of social networks, it’s so easy to speak ill of others, to lie, to invent things. I find it so vulgar. »

In addition, she does not hesitate to say it, she considers that the criticisms concerning her are misogynistic for the most part ” You wouldn’t do it to a man. Do we say of Arthur, of Jean-Luc Reichmann, of Nagui that they like money, that they are careerists, or that they have a bad temper? Never ! And then, the farmers defend me. I have my great Praetorian! This is so cute“.

For this new season, Karine Le Marchand will undoubtedly make a new unanimity with his fans since it is the big return of Love is in the meadow. As a reminder, the show returns to M6 on August 22. Later in the year, we will also find the host of La France à un Incroyable Talent.

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