Louis Laforge sick: the journalist confides in his tumor the size of “a golf ball”

Louis Laforge sick: the journalist confides in his tumor the size of "a golf ball"

Invited on the set of C à vous, this Thursday, September 1, 2022, Louis Laforge returned to the cancer he defeated. The journalist then confides in the worrying diagnosis given to him by his radiologist.

On August 27, Louis Laforge announced on Twitter that he had fought cancer: “It was a year ago, August 27, 2021 at the Pompidou Hospital: a kidney, a ureter canal, a piece of small intestine and colon and above all less cancer. 12 months later , still some pain, still a bit of fatigue… But so happy to be alive!”. Guest on the set of It’s up to youthis Thursday, September 1, the journalist from France Télévisions confided in the way he found out he was sick : “I don’t think I’m particularly cozy or hypochondriac. But just before the summer of 2021, I was going on vacation and I didn’t want to leave with this question mark, this little embarrassment, which was becoming a little pain. “he begins to say.

Thereby, Louis Laforge goes to his general practitioner who prescribed a CT scan. And the diagnosis falls: the radiologist reveals to him that he has a tumor the size of“a golf ball”. “It was the kidney tumor, plus other weird little things”. Then follows hospital stays, batteries of examinations. The journalist then confides in the way he apprehended this sad news: “You have to let go and trust those who take care of you”he reveals.

Louis Laforge: “You no longer control anything and you let yourself be done”

But not easy for this journalist to let go : “Because we do TV, we want to control everything: the schedule, the images, the time that passes, we are spoken to in the headset. Once you enter the hospital, you no longer control nothing and you let yourself go”. Fortunately, today, Louis Laforge is cured. During the revelation of his illness, the journalist had also thanked the nursing staff but also all the people who supported him: “A thought also to all those who are fighting against the disease. And thank you to the whole France Info team for their support and trust!”

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