Lou Pernaut “happy that Jean-Pierre is dead”: insulted on social networks, she reacts with maturity

Lou Pernaut "happy that Jean-Pierre is dead": insulted on social networks, she reacts with maturity

Wednesday June 29, 2022, Lou Pernaut was insulted by a user on his Instagram account. Tired of constantly receiving malicious messages, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay preferred to respond with maturity.

Wednesday March 2, 2022, Jean-Pierre Pernaut died at the age of 71. Since then, Internet users have been fighting against his daughter, Lou. And for good reason, many of them think that she is not “quite sad“Following the disappearance of her father. On Wednesday June 29, 2022, the young woman shared two messages received today. A user wrote in response to one of her stories: “Fat cow“, before adding: “She is happy that Jean-Pierre is dead!” Wishing to react with maturity, Lou Pernaut wrote: “What a beautiful day ahead!“Saturday June 25, 2022, it was Laurent Fontaine who had openly criticized him on the set of TPMP People, on C8. Angry, he blurted out:I was very close to Jean-Pierre Pernaut so it’s complicated to react (…) Lou, you’re adorable, you’re nice, but go study! Bump ! Sorry, but what I see is not very dignified and I think that you should, since the death of your father, calm down the TikTok a little, go back to school and work!

Monday, June 27, 2022, she replied in a video shared on social networks: “If you were my father’s friend, as you put it so well, you might be aware that I am studying architecture, that I finished my second year, that it went very well and that I passed my exams.“Angry, his mother, Nathalie Marquay, defended him on Instagram. She wrote then: “As she addresses her community on social media, you dare say: ‘Go study, bumps!’ Well the ‘so-called’ close to my late husband, find out before you want to make a buzz on TV and know that my daughter has just passed her exams (one of the best in her class) with flying colors to go to the 3rd year of the School of Interior Architecture! Like my son, she is my pride and Jean-Pierre was delighted with their success.

Lou Pernaut: “I just want to enjoy my life”

Sunday June 19, 2022 on TikTok, the daughter of the ex-star of 1 p.m. newspaper of TF1, had responded to its detractors. While she is regularly the target of criticism on her physique, she had shared: “Don’t be surprised if I never show my whole body on TikTok or when I struggle to make Instagram posts if every time I am called a fat cow! That’s enough, you block me so much in all my damn projects, I just want to enjoy my life without your fucking judgment H24. Even on TV, even in interviews, even in stories, even in DMs, in the comments. Calm your heart.

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