LIVE – UFC Paris: And two for France with the victory of Fares Ziam

LIVE – UFC Paris: And two for France with the victory of Fares Ziam

A first round rather to the advantage of Gomis

With a nice take down. It will make him score more points and assure him the victory of the first round.

And let’s go for Gomis against Errens

In an atmosphere of fire!

William Gomis at UFC Paris on September 3, 2022
William Gomis at UFC Paris on September 3, 2022 © RMC SPORT

And here is William Gomis

All smiles! He is on 8 consecutive victories.

For Jarno Errens like William Gomis, this is the first fight in the UFC.

5 wins, a defeat and a draw for Errens, including 4 wins in the first round. Impressive.

And it’s victory for Nathaniel Wood

The three judges give him the victory. “London, That’s how we do it.”

Wood completely masters Jourdain’s all-out strategy

Only three minutes left, but he masters the fight very well.

Wood makes a very strong impression

Jourdain runs out without ever really touching. He also wins the second round without a doubt. Jourdain will have to make the difference in the last round.

Round 1 Jourdain vs Wood

And it’s very open, it hits a little in all directions. It’s a very competitive and spectacular first round. There are many openings. A first recovery rather for Wood.

Let’s go for the main card

Charles Jourdain against Nathaniel Wood. It is rather Jourdain who is the favorite of the bookmakers. It should be spectacular.

Georges Saint-Pierre at the microphone of RMC Sport

“The atmosphere is really electric. I can’t imagine how the main card will be.”

Francis Ngannou at the microphone of RMC Sport

“With the UFC it’s a bit complicated. We are touching on a problem that has been going on for a long time and which is not to the advantage of the UFC: we have to give more to the fighters. It would have been better than they are reviewing the form of the contract: the contract is unilateral and it does not protect the fighters at all, even physically. It is strange that we do such a violent sport without having good health insurance.

A revenge for Gane soon? “I don’t know, there is already an unresolved contractual situation with the UFC and then it’s not up to me to ask for a rematch because I’m the winner.”

Ngannou had knee surgery and he will return in 4 to 5 months.

Short break and we meet at 9 p.m. for the start of the official evening

The first fight will pit Quebecois Charles Jourdain against Englishman Nathaniel Wood. But the shock of the evening will be, around 11:30 p.m., Ciryl Gane against Tuivasa.

It’s time for the fight between Abus Magomedov and Dustin Stoltzfus

And it lasted 19 seconds!!!!!! What a striking from Magomedov! This one, we’ll see it again! It started with a kick in the chin and behind he finished it with fists. Stoltzfus collapses and the referee intervenes! Impressive. Magomedov was never hit.

Victory by unanimous decision for Nasrat Haqparast

A very strategic game. a word from Nasrat Haqparast who very much thanks his majesty the King of Morocco Mohammed VI.

It’s 2-0 for France tonight!

There are still two fights left in the preliminary card and then we will move on to the main card. We continue immediately with Nasrat Haqparast against John Makdessi.

Fares Ziam: “I’m happy, I didn’t finish but I’m happy”

“I’m happy with my victory tonight, he was a very solid opponent, he surprised me with his boxing.”

Victory for Fares Ziam by unanimous decision

Of course, there was no debate at all.

We were almost scared

Ziam was put on the ground and Figlak tried the finish, the only way for him to win the fight, but very good defense from Fares Ziam.

Round 3 Ziam-Figlak

Let’s go for the 3rd round, Fares Ziam largely dominated the first two, it would be a shame to be surprised now.

What a superb attack from Ziam who sent Figlak with a superb sequence

He came very close to finishing Figlak who managed to hold on until the end of the round, but it was very hot!

Round 2 Ziam-Figlak

Ziam dominates on the ground, but without yet making the difference. Figlak doesn’t panic, but both fighters lose a lot of energy.

What a first round

It was very tactical to get very hot in the last minute. Figlak tried a bar key which almost worked but Ziam replied very well before finishing with a few blows on the ground at the siren. The Pole is hit in the face after a big nudge from Ziam.

Round 1 Ziam-Figlak

It’s much more of a waiting fight. Figlak tries to touch, Ziam dodges and looks for the counterattack.

Make way for Fares Ziam vs. Michal Figlak

A Franco-Polish duel this time.

St Denis details his plan.

“I saw that when I touched it, it danced a little salsa so I went for it.”

“Thank you all, this is Paris!”, concluded Benoît St Denis.

The summary of the fight in video:

St Denis thanks the public

“You were amazing. I only had 3 weeks to prepare for the fight, but with the crowd there, I was keen to be as ready as possible. I’m tough as a rock, you will see it throughout my career. Enjoy the 15 years that I will spend in the cage!”

And it’s won!!!!!

A few seconds in the 2nd round were enough for Benoît St Denis who put Miranda on the ground before chaining the blows to the face. The referee very logically stopped the fight! And suddenly we saw Benoît St Denis, who hadn’t smiled yet, sticking his tongue out before climbing onto the cage and haranguing the crowd! What a superb victory without any dispute. This is the first French victory of the souurée, and, we hope, not the last.

Super first round of St Denis

He largely dominated his opponent who remains on his back and there were 5 more seconds in this round, he would have probably won!

Benoit St Denis against Gabriel Miranda at UFC Paris on September 3, 2022
Benoit St Denis facing Gabriel Miranda at UFC Paris on September 3, 2022 © RMC SPORT

It left for 3 rounds of 5 minutes and it started very strong!

Already several passages on the ground and blows from St Denis have hurt Miranda very badly, who has not said her last word at all.

The arrival of Nimois Benoit St Denis under the cheers of the crowd.

Huge focus. What a welcome!

It’s the turn of Benoît St Denis against the Brazilian Miranda

Very nice mustache from Miranda, moreover, big smile when he enters the cage under the whistles of the room. He’s on three straight wins.

The evening can also be followed on Twitch

Many of you are already on the RMC Sport twitch channel that makes you live all evening.

The Accor Arena is still very quiet

But the atmosphere promises to be electric this Saturday.

The UGC Paris fan zone

Our teams show you around the UFC Paris fan zone.

Entertainment at Bercy

For those who want to test themselves, a strength challenge is available to spectators in front of the AccorArena.

Why this evening is historic

A juggernaut of world sport, popular all over the world, the UFC is coming to France for the first time this Saturday in Paris (live on RMC Sport 2). A historic event that should not be missed. RMC Sport explains why.

Rules, prohibited moves, salaries … We tell you everything about the UFC

Before UFC Paris, the article can be read here.

Ciryl Gane, questions about a champion

Extraordinary talent, meteorite in her career, Ciryl Gane resumes the thread of her career this Saturday at UFC Paris, the first event in France in the history of the great MMA organization, in a shock against Tai Tuivasa a little more than seven months after his loss to Francis Ngannou. The opportunity to wonder about his speech: “Bon Gamin” does he have the inner fire in him to conquer the undisputed heavyweight title?

Read the analysis here

UFC Paris: the program of the evening

Featherweight: Charles Jourdain (Canada) vs Nathaniel Wood (England)
Featherweight: William Gomis (France) vs Jarno Errens (Netherlands)
Lightweights: John Makdessi (Canada) vs Nasrat Haqparast (Morocco)
Middleweights: Alessio Di Chirico (Italy) vs Roman Kopylov (Russia)

Co main event
Middleweights: Robert Whittaker (Australian) vs Marvin Vettori (Italy)

main event
Heavyweights: Ciryl Gane (France) – Tai Tuivasa (Australia)

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