LIVE – PSG: Galtier takes stock of the transfer window at a press conference

LIVE – PSG: “Players are waiting to join us”, says Galtier

This is the end of this press conference

As expected, Galtier was cryptic about the relationship between Campos and Antero Henrique, but made no secret of his very close relationship with Luis Campos. He nevertheless explained that the starting 11 was going to turn a little, and that Navas could be brought to play a few games, even if the hierarchy between the goalkeepers did not change. We find PSG on Saturday evening in Nantes. a match to follow live commented on RMC Sport.

On the Pogba affair and the involvement of Mbappé

Galtier did not discuss it with Mbappé. “Kylian didn’t feel the need for it, he performs well in matches, happy in training, fresh…”

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On the keeper hierarchy now that Navas has stayed

“It does not change the hierarchy but now that the emrcato is over, I do not forbid myself to have the thought of telling myself that Keylor must play a few matches, like all the number 2. There is a reflection on that but the hierarchy stays that way.”

About Danilo

“I was fortunately surprised by his performance in central defense and he will be of great service to us.”

The all-important winter transfer window?

“You know, for a coach, the winter transfer window is very far away. And in this sense, I have total confidence in Luis who anticipates things a lot. I have to stay focused on competitions and sequences matches.”

On the Campos/Henrique/Galtier cohabitation

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve been in constant contact with the president and Campos and all the plans that we were able to draw up, we drew them up together.” No allusion to Antero Henrique in the mouth of Galtier. An angel passes. The question was however extremely frank and direct: “how is the cohabitation with Campos and Henrique going?”

What about sales?

With the president and Luis Campos, we had targeted what we thought should be changed, I had been very direct with the players. Many players have left, many on loan, but what is important for me is to work with the squad.

Switch to a four-man defense due to no defenders?

One of the important qualities of a coach is to adapt. It is preferable to start with an organization that you have been working on for two months, but it is possible. Maybe we will have to adapt because a player will be missing in some places. But as we speak, I have no desire to change organization.

And off we go for the press conference. and we attack on the balance sheet of the transfer window

“Regarding the transfer window, at the starting level there were some sales and a lot of loans and we knew that to buy you had to sell. Regarding the transfer window, it is over and it is a relief for all the coaches. We know which group we at your disposal and you have to turn the page.”

Now for the press conference

That Galtier expects to be much sportier, given the articles in the press that appeared this morning.

On rotation, before a European Cup match

“We took stock with the medical, the players are fine. Will the starting 11 in Nantes look like that of Toulouse… No, it will be different.”

And here is Christophe Galtier with the club media, and we attack with the transfer window

“We have been working calmly from the start. The most important thing is that the transfer window is over. We will do with the squad at my disposal, which is of good quality. The most important thing is that it is closed.”

A few minutes late for PSG

Which has still not launched its video stream on its site and its networks.

Tensions between Campos and Henrique because of the transfer window?

The conditions of the numerous departures and the failure to recruit a central defender would have given rise to tensions between Luis Campos, sports adviser, and Antero Henrique, in charge of reducing the workforce, according to The Team. For The Parisianwho also pours out on the subject, “Antero Henrique creates discord”.

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The conference scheduled for 1 p.m.

Hello everyone, welcome to this live RMC Sport to follow the Paris Saint-Germain press conference before the match against FC Nantes. Christophe Galtier answers questions from journalists from 1 p.m.

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