LIVE – PSG: Galtier “never thought” of removing the armband from Marquinhos

LIVE – PSG: Galtier “never thought” of removing the armband from Marquinhos

The PSG group for the match in Lyon with the return of Navas

PSG has communicated its group of players who will travel to Groupama Stadium this Sunday. If Presnel Kimpembe and Renato Sanches are still absent, Keylor Navas is back.

Nothing to report apart from that, except the presence of the two titis, Warren Zaire-Emery and El Chadaille Bitshiabu.

The medical point before Lyon

“Renato Sanches and Presnel Kimpembe are continuing their treatment protocol at the training center,” PSG said. This means that Keylor Navas, recently hit in the back, is available for the trip to Lyon.

This is the end of this press conference

No big lessons on the eve of the clash against OL. Galtier did not leak any clues about his composition. He praised Marquinhos, Marco Verratti and said why Neymar is the striker who must defend the most within the MNM.

About Ekitike

Galtier: “He has incredible potential. He discovers what the very high level is. It took him a lot of sessions to find his bearings in the game. He is progressing. He has ants… he itches. The good times will come very quickly, I told him. Very quickly he will have a lot more playing time.”

On the form of Verratti

Galtier: “He’s been in our league for ten years. He’s one of the best midfielders in Europe. When he’s away from the field, the team isn’t the same. He’s at an incredible level. He is a player who is very present when recovering the ball. He has an exceptional level.”

On the movements of PSG

Galtier: “The logistics? There is a very large organization. It is perfect. I am discovering it. There is a lot of security. Everywhere we go, there is a large reception committee. We are obliged to protect the players. In Haifa we arrived late, there were 300 people in front of the hotel. In terms of stewardship, we are very poor on the equipment.

On the defensive spots of the MNM

Galtier: “The three of them have experienced a very high level. They have this ability to make decisions during a match. But obviously that requires an investment from them. Ney is the one who has the best profile to have this defensive withdrawal. This will too. Kylian is an important point of attachment. Leo, he has a different register. He is always very well placed to receive the ball. Ney is the one who gives the best balance.”

On struggling Marquinhos

Galtier: “As for the captaincy, I never thought of taking him away. He knows everything. He can talk. He is irreproachable. He knows when he can come to see me to share certain points of view. He is a very good relay for me. In the field, I have several relays. Sergio, Kim, Kylian… Everyone participates in the life of the group. On his performances, I am surprised by your analysis. I do not share it. He must assimilate a new (three-axial) system.”

On the MNM, too tired?

Galtier: “I reviewed the match, I exchanged… The trip, very long, with the heat… We had a big half-hour where we were in great difficulty. We had a lot of “technical errors, not usual. In the 2nd period, having talked a lot at the break with the players, we had a team less cut in two. The front three can be decisive at any time. Tomorrow? Everyone is well , everyone wants to play this game. It’s a big game.”

On the Verratti-Vitinha duo

Galtier: “I am satisfied with their association. They are very good footballers. If we defend less together they can be in difficulty. We can have three players in the middle. They have chained a lot. I have not yet taken my decision for the middle of tomorrow evening.”

Galtier’s conference will begin

After responding to the club media, the coach is expected in a few seconds at a press conference.

How to avoid decompression against Lyon

Christophe Galtier to the PSG media: “There can’t be any against such a team. They’re a bit injured beast. There can’t be any relaxation. I think their team will come and rush us. This will be an intense match. There will be a balance of power from the start of the match. The objective is to win.”

No Parisian supporters in Lyon

This Saturday, the prefect of the Rhône published an order to prohibit the movement of PSG supporters to Lyon, where their parking lot was closed anyway by revocation of a reprieve.

More information here.

Galtier, Neymar, the transfer window … Campos confides in RMC

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Welcome to our live dedicated to Christophe Galtier’s press conference before PSG’s trip to Lyon (8:45 p.m.). The Parisian coach will speak from 1 p.m.

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