LIVE – Bruno Le Maire judges “the irony of Christophe Galtier” on PSG’s private jets “out of place”


European contribution from energy operators: Fabien Roussel says “why not” but criticizes the slowness of the procedure

While Emmanuel Macron is in favor of a “European contribution mechanism” on energy superprofits, Fabien Roussel says “why not” on LCI. While calling for a “solidarity contribution for employment and the climate”.

The national secretary of the French Communist Party (PCF) nevertheless criticizes the slowness of the implementation of a measure which would be decided at the level of the European Commission.

“It’s making fun of us […] when this sees the light of day, our President of the Republic will have gray hair”, he denounced. And to add: “We must put this to work immediately”.

Bruno Le Maire judges the irony of Christophe Galtier “out of place”

Invited on our antenna, the Minister of the Economy commented the release of Christophe Galtierthe PSG coach, on the use of private jets by his team, alongside a hilarious Kylian Mbappé.

“I love Mbappé, it can happen to all of us to have a giggle at the least opportune moment, and I think it was the case”, defended Bruno Le Maire with a smile.

The minister was less tender with the PSG coach, whose irony he considered “out of place”.

“We must all take global warming seriously. It’s serious, it’s the future of our planet,” insisted the Minister of the Economy.

According to Bruno Retailleau, “we have to rebuild LR”

“I think we have to rebuild a new party from LR, we have to rebuild it,” said Bruno Retailleau, candidate for the presidency of his political party, on France 2.

Denouncing a “shameful right that has often apologized to well-meaning people”, he pleads in favor of a “clear right [avec] more security, less immigration and less public spending”.

Bruno Retailleau claims that a European contribution on energy would be a “gas factory”

While Emmanuel Macron is in favor of a mechanism of “European contribution” on energy, Bruno Retailleau estimates on France 2 that it “would be a gas plant”.

“If we want electricity to be cheaper, it must be less rare,” pleaded the head of the Les Républicains party in the Senate.

François Ruffin declares that there “must not be private jets that make Paris-Nantes”

“I would be in favor of democratically organized constraint, that is to say that there should not be private jets which make Paris-Nantes”, declared François Ruffin on France Inter this Tuesday, concerning the controversy over the PSG.

“It’s a necessity to bring the elites down to earth,” he added.

Eric Ciotti defends Christophe Galtier

Eric Ciotti defends Christophe Galtier. “We have the right to a little humor in this world”, argues the deputy Les Républicains (LR) of the Alpes-Maritimes on RTL this Tuesday.

According to the elected southerner, “we look at the foam and we don’t care about the sea”.

He thus evokes a “slightly sterile controversy”, which is of the order of “the anecdote in relation to the seriousness of the subject”.

We will solve the climate problems by a long-term policy on research, science, progress, and not by these small polemics”, also declared Eric Ciotti.

Bruno Le Maire will be the guest of BFMTV at 8:30 a.m.

This Tuesday, Apolline de Malherbe receives the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire at 8:30 a.m. for the “Face to Face” on our antenna.

Olivier Marleix wants a nuclear inquiry commission

“The closure of Fessenheim is only the tip of the iceberg.” In an interview at FigaroOlivier Marleix, president of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, affirms that he and his colleagues will “request a commission of inquiry” on the subject of nuclear power.

“We must both establish the responsibilities for this disaster and identify the means to rebuild our energy sovereignty without delay”, he believes.

The associations of elected officials will finally participate in the National Council for Refoundation (CNR)

The main associations of elected officials, who doubted that the National Council for Refoundation (CNR) was “the appropriate format” for dialogue with local authoritieswill eventually participate in its launch on Thursday after securing regular meetings with Emmanuel Macron, they said.

“We will go because we have obtained regular working meetings with the President of the Republic to discuss the specific problems that we encounter in the exercise of our powers”, explained François Sauvadet, the president of the Assembly of the departments. of France (AdF), after a meeting at the Élysée with Emmanuel Macron.

More information here.

Didier Raoult: the government takes legal action

The Ministers of Health and Research took legal action on Monday in view of a new report on the Marseille IHU, which confirms “serious malfunctions” when this scientific institute was under the direction of Professor Didier Raoult.

Emmanuel Macron: “France is preparing to deliver more gas to Germany”

France is preparing to deliver more gas to Germany, which will be able to bring electricity to France if the energy crisis requires it this winter. This was announced by Emmanuel Macron on Monday during the press conference on the energy crisis.

“We are going to finalize the gas connections in order to be able to deliver gas to Germany (…) if there is a need for solidarity” and the latter “will put itself in a position to produce more electricity and from us (in ) bring in peak situations”, declared the French president to the press after a videoconference interview with Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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PSG: The political world rebels against Galtier and Mbappé after the joke of the “sailing tank”

“Unacceptable”, “contempt”, “Wake up guys???” : the reactions of the political world flock after the declarations in a press conference this Monday by Christophe Galtier, coach of the PSG.

In the midst of the controversy over private jets, the Parisian coach quipped, declaring that PSG would travel by “sailing”, rather than by plane. All in a laugh shared with Kylian Mbappé, also present at the press conference.

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