Letter from Jim Ratcliffe to OGC Nice supporters

Letter from Jim Ratcliffe to OGC Nice supporters


“I have always considered that a football club owner is only the trustee of a club on behalf of present and future generations. Managers and players inevitably pass over time, but the love of fans endures. The shareholding is temporary. The club is eternal. And every owner, during the time they have the privilege of looking after a club, has a responsibility to seek to strengthen it and help create lasting memories.

Since we took over OGC Nice, we have learned a lot. We understand even better the proud history of the club and its deep connection with the city and the region. We know the traditions and values ​​that make OGC Nice so different and so special. We got to know French football better and we had some successes together on the pitch. And we also know how many talented, committed and passionate people there are in the club.

We have used the end of the season to reflect and assess where we are as a club, as part of our philosophy of continuous improvement at INEOS. The audit carried out by Sir Dave Brailsford highlighted both the opportunities for growth and the areas where we need to improve if we are to continue to progress.

So as we close the first chapter of INEOS ownership at the end of three years and embark on a new phase, we believe now is the time to raise our ambitions. We need to bring OGC Nice into the heart of the INEOS sporting family so the club can learn from other sports and innovate more – and we have big, bold and unique plans that we will talk more about in the months to come. We must continue to modernize all aspects of the club and help make OGC Nice the most innovative, successful and successful club possible. And we need a club with one common goal and a winning mindset from the top down – united, ambitious and striving for excellence in all areas.

We want it to be a club recognized for its style of play and which, we hope, can be constantly competitive in France and at European level. And to lead this on the field, we are very happy to welcome Lucien Favre as head coach. An experienced coach, who has met with success in the Bundesliga, but also here in Nice. And which, everywhere, aroused respect and admiration. We like his way of developing his teams and fits perfectly with the vision we have at INEOS of the style of play we want for OGC Nice.

Sir Dave Brailsford, as Director of INEOS Sport, will continue to act for INEOS and me on a daily basis and will help drive this program of change at the club.

As owners of INEOS, we are more committed than ever to OGC Nice and this project. We can all see the potential ahead and are excited for the challenge ahead. We don’t for a minute take your support for granted and we also know how important it is to everyone at the Club as we enter this new chapter.

In any project, change takes time and there is obviously never certainty about the outcome in sport – after all, that’s one of the reasons we all love it. But one thing is certain: with hard work, humility and unity from all of us – owners, staff, players and fans – we will give ourselves the best chance of success.

Now is the time to be bold. A time to be ambitious. Time to work hard. A time to ensure the best days are ahead for this great club. ISSA NISSA!”


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