les Merlus climb on the podium after the victory against AJA

End of the game!

Logical victory for the Hakes who completely dominated this game (1-3)! A sixth success for the players of Régis Le Bris in eight games which allows them to temporarily climb to third place in Ligue 1. AJA falls to 14th place.

Yellow for Auxerre

Just entered the game, Dugimont receives a yellow card for an anti-game foul.

Niang Strike!

Nice strike from Niang in first intention from the entrance to the area! Mvogo wins quietly.

Changes in Lorient

Innocent and Koné come into play. Ponceau and Moffi go the opposite way.

Lorient on the verge of scoring

Perfectly served in depth by Enzo Le Fée, Stephane Diarra tries his luck but Costil intervenes! The AJA remains alive.

Sterile AJA Domination

If the Auxerrois dominate this second period, it will take more to turn the game around and completely catch up.

Changes for the AJA

Perrin and Hein exits and Da Costa and Sinayoko entrances.

Yellow for Kalulu

This is the first rusk from the Lorient side. Gedeon Kalulu receives a yellow card after this late intervention on Mensah.

Moffi touches close to score!

Unbelievable ! Moffi deposits his opponent in the area but does not find the frame on his shot. He had done the hardest part.

The Extraordinary Fairy

Beginning the beginning of the match, the midfielder is everywhere. And if on this occasion, Le Fée stood out with a superb heel, it greatly contributes to smoothing the game of his team. In addition to having scored at the end of the first period of course.

AJA GOAL! (1-3)

Auxerre reduces the score by Hein! The AJA will-o’-the-wisp took advantage of a bad ball from the Merlus goalkeeper to push the ball deep. 1-3 now!

Here we go again at Abbé Deschamps!

The 22 actors are back on the lawn! No change on both sides, so we start with the same two teams.

Half-time in Auxerre!

The Lorientais completely marched on AJA in this first period. They return to the locker room with a three-goal advantage! Mass has been said ?


And finally, the goal is validated! The pass of three is signed Enzo Le Fée who completely extinguishes the Abbé Deschamps!

Le Fée’s goal is offside

Enzo Le Fée sees his goal canceled for an offside position. Video arbitration in progress.

Yellow for Mensah

AJA first player warns. Late on Ouattara, the Auxerre defender receives the first yellow of the game.


Moffi’s helmet shot finds its way to the net! This is his sixth goal of the season!

less rhythm

The match has been more balanced for a handful of minutes. Both teams are very solid behind and project less.

New opportunity for locals!

Hein takes a cross from Perrin in first intention but his shot arrives in the gloves of Mvogo. The premises have been much better for a few minutes.

AJA reacts!

At the fallout of a corner, Joly places a devastating helmet shot, countered by the defense of the Hakes. The resumption of Sakhi at the entrance to the surface does nothing. Still 0-1 for Lorient but AJA is pushing!

Nothing for the VAR

Quite surprising decision of the referee of the day. There will be nothing. Place to play.

Red for Costil?

Output very little mastered by Costil who completely mows Ouattara in the penalty area. In the area? Yes. Late ? Seems to me. VAR control? In progress.


At the end of a great collective work on the left side of the field, orchestrated by Enzo Le Fée and a sublime pass in first intention, Ponceau finds Ouattara in the surface which gives the advantage to his people! That’s wonderful !

The Fairy finds the frame!

The Lorient midfielder forces Costil to intervene on this free kick! Nice shot and nice parade!

Kalulu Scarf Kick

Sublime shot of Kalulu’s scarf. Even if the center does not find anyone, here is an interesting first technical gesture of this beginning of the match.

Jubal 2 Moffi 0

The Brazilian is for the moment impeccable in his interventions. Moffi has come up against him twice and each time the AJA defender has taken over. 2/2.

First wick lit by Lorient

Nice work from Terem Moffi on the left side of the penalty area. After trying to find one of his partners, the striker finds the ball at his feet and tries his luck. Out of frame.

The Fairy a notch lower

Unlike all meetings since the start of the season, Enzo Le Fée is positioned just in front of the defense alongside Abergel, it is Ponceau who takes his place.

AJA does not hide

Jean-Marc Furlan’s soldiers set the pace and recovered the vast majority of the second balls. Impeccable character.

Kick-off !

Let’s go to Abbé Deschamps! (0-0)

It was the Auxerrois, in white, who kicked off this match counting for the eighth day of Ligue 1. Magnificent atmosphere!


Kick-off is imminent!

The players are on the lawn of the Abbé Deschamps, accompanied by the referee of the meeting Ruddy Buquet.


Watch out for high Lorient recoveries!


Here is the eleven of the AJA for tonight!

Costil – Joly, Jubal, Coeff, Mensah – Touré (cap.) – Perrin, Sakhi, Hein, Autret – Niang.


The composition of FC Lorient has fallen!

Mvogo – Kalulu, Laporte, Talbi, Le Goff – Abergel (cap.), Le Fée – Diarra, Ponceau, Ouattara – Moffi.


Hi there !

And welcome to our site to follow live commentary on the match between Auxerre and Lorient, counting for the eighth day of Ligue 1. Kick-off at 9 p.m.!

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