League 1 | The FFL ranking after the 6th day

League 1 |  The FFL ranking after the 6th day

We had to wait for the 6th day of Ligue 1 to see a club finally break away from the classification. After a dantesque performance against Lyon, Angers asserts itself as a somewhat unexpected challenger to our much-desired first place. However, we will have to stay focused so as not to crack during the next few days.

As a reminder, for this season, we have decided to establish a semi-objective scale so that each club is housed in the same boat. Of course, all this can also be seasoned with arbitrary notes to the client’s head. And no VAR here.


. Defeat: +1pt
. Own goal: +1 pt
. Goal conceded in added time: +1 pt
. Missed Penalty: +1 pt
. Defeat by 3 goals difference or more: +1 pt
. 5 or more goals conceded: +1 pt from the 5th goal
. Streak of 5 losses: +2 pts
. Unexpected defeat: +2 pts


. Victory: -1pt
. Goal scored in added time: -1 pt
. Victory by 3 or more goals: -1 pt
. 5 or more goals scored: -1 pt from the 5th goal
. 5 win streak: -2 pts
. Unexpected victory: -2 pts

AJ Auxerre – Olympique de Marseille: 0-2

Auxerre: +2

We know it well, in football, it is always important to start a match well and not to crack in the end. Result, a goal conceded in the 8th and another in the 84th. Maximum efficiency, bonus point.

Marseilles: -1

A goal every 100 minutes for Alexis Sanchez while Milik scores one every 54 with Juventus Turin. The numbers don’t lie.

Olympique Lyonnais – SCO Angers: 5 – 0

Lyons: -3

Ahoo. Ahoo. Ahoo. We’re not going to lie to each other, OL always give the feeling that they can go off the rails at any time during the season. So may Lyon supporters enjoy the happiness. They more than the others know how fleeting it can be.

Angers: +4

Gerald Baticle loves Lyon. He had to prove it by offering an easy and wide victory to Les Gones. Bonus: at the same time, he seizes the worst defense in Ligue 1 after this 4th defeat in a row. For Gerald, it’s starting to smell like hay, though: its president confirmed it on the bench until the end of the season. We all know it, the translation into the language of football is next defeat you fire.

FC Nantes – Paris Saint-Germain: 0 – 3

Nantes: +2

Already this year, facing Paris Saint-Germain is a complicated challenge for any team. But when in addition you choose to send your best sole on Vitinha’s knee, it’s really choosing to play a Dark Souls with the maximum difficulty mode. The result will not surprise anyone: 3 pawns in the bag and not even sure that the Parisians have showered at the end.

Bets: -3

It was the last training match for PSG before the start of the season this week against Juventus of Turin.

Montpellier – Lille: 1-3

Montpellier: +1

25% possession, 216 passes to 681, 4 shots against 26 for Lille. All this at home. Here is the paillade.

Lille: 0

Lille overdominated this small match of 1 p.m. but still managed to scare themselves by conceding the first goal anyhow. A certain sense of showmanship and suspense at Jardim. +1 for the shape.

Stade Brestois – RC Strasbourg: 1-1

Bristol: 0

And yet, the Alsatians offered gifts to the Bretons. A raise not jojo for the first goal, then a good big sole to offer 1 hour of numerical superiority. Worse still, they lose their trophy for the worst defense in Ligue 1. But this trip to Paris on Sunday should put things back in order.

Strasbourg: -1

6 games, 4 draws, 2 losses. Football Gewürztraminer in all its glory. He was, however, 2 fingers away from cracking at the end of the match. Bizot’s index and middle fingers come out with a parry not stung by beetles to prevent the hold-up.

Stade de Reims – RC Lens: 1-1

Reims: +1

Leading 1-0, 11 against 10 and being caught, in our books it is a mandatory point.

Lens: 0

Week at 2 points for the Lensois who stall a little in the vain pursuit of the Parisians. But frankly Brice Samba, you could have left the goal in double consecutive return of the Rémois. Not fair play.

AC Ajaccio – Lorient: 0-1

Ajaccio: +1

Little by little, the Corsicans consolidate what seems to be the throne which is promised to them. That of the 20th and last place. Because yes, unfortunately, if the solid defense of Ligue 2 holds up in the elite, the attack is another story. 3 goals in 6 games, it’s even drier than their lawn. 16 shots yesterday, 3 on target, 0 goals.

Lorient: -1

The bare minimum for hake. The kind of guy who revises 1 day before the baccalaureate to have his 10 of average. Next match against Lyon, the opportunity to bring out this legendary tweet.

Clermont: -1

For Clermont, it’s all or nothing this year. 3 wins, 3 losses, no time to fool around. Punctuate all this with a goal from Gonalons and more.

Toulouse: +2

After a small start to the season with a bang, the Toulousains have just chained 3 small defeats in a row in 1 week. Combine that with a nice bar from the first minute 2 meters from goal, and you get a small bonus point. We can’t help but be generous, what do you want.

Troyes – Stade Rennais: 1 – 1

Troyes: +1

Forget the whole points scale. It is the anger that reigns here and in all the sports newsrooms in France. The title “La passe de Troyes” was ready to send and they ruined everything by being equalized. Eternal regrets.

Rennes: +1

From XXL recruitment to return to the Champions League To Draw against Troyes in numerical superiority. The Rennais will have to spend the second to escape the clutches of the FFL.

Nice-Monaco: 0-1

Nice: +2

Losing the deception from the Côte d’Azur was not easy for the Aiglons. With 4 goals scored (including 3 penalties), the arrival of Laborde to reform the sacred pair is the last hope. Failure. The 2 big chances are for Dante, the central defender, and the 100% gloomy season continues for Nice. And if they manage to screw up against Ajaccio next week, seats will start to be hot.

Monaco: -1

Monaco’s season has so far made no sense, but this first victory gives them a breath of fresh air before a trip to Belgrade. We hope for a challenge to remain the crazy team of the year.

The FFL classification of Ligue 1

1. Angers 11
2. Brest 7
2. Reims 7
2. Ajaccio 7
5.Nice 6
6. Auxerre 5
7.Monaco 4
7.Lille 4
7. Reindeer 4
10.Strasbourg 3
10. Nantes 3
10.Toulouse 3
13. Troyes 2
14. Lorient
15. Clermont -2
16. Montpellier -3
17. Lyons -6
17. Marseilles -6
19. Lens -7
20.PSG -14

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