La Vuelta – Remco Evenepoel very close to winning the Tour of Spain: “It’s the best day of my life”

La Vuelta – Remco Evenepoel very close to winning the Tour of Spain: "It's the best day of my life"

So many expectations, criticisms, doubts, pain… All of this and much more crossed Remco Evenepoel’s mind as soon as he crossed the finish line of the 20th stage. A day that he had to spend in hell because Enric Mas and Movistar had promised him and that the chain of passes was going to put him in difficulty. Nothing happened and it was many tears of joy that wet this youthful face that we must get to know so much this Vuelta that he dominated, and that he will win on Sunday, has sown promises. But all this, there will always be time to think about it later. Only the happiness of a superb triumph must remain.

Before joy always comes fear, doubt. Remco Evenepoel did not escape it, alone in his hotel room brooding over the probable scenario of this 20th stage. Transparent as always and liberated by the task accomplished, the Belgian confided: “I was very stressed this morning, maybe I didn’t show it but I didn’t sleep very well. You know what awaits you and it was a super difficult step. ” If Enric Mas did not have the legs to hurt him, the Movistar had done everything for the start of the stage led at full speed. The milestones of the revolution were laid, only the final assault was missing .

Tour of Spain

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Mas and Movistar tried, Evenepoel resisted: the summary of the 20th stage

Mas submitted to his superiority

This one was nipped in the bud by an Evenepoel once again too solid. For his part, Mas couldn’t take it anymore. “The legs have spoken todayhe exults. I didn’t even think about the stage, I just wanted to win the overall. I had to follow, control, believe in my strength“The exchange of looks that followed the Spaniard’s attack and the Belgian’s return had the trappings of an act of submission. The kid had undoubtedly understood that he was going to win the first grand tour of his already brilliant career.”I tried to indulge myself, but on the penultimate climb, there weren’t many. Mas tried everything to let me go, but I was the only one who could follow him“, he still confides to Sporza.

Evenepoel: “I showed that I could respond to criticism with my legs”

My mission is accomplished. I don’t know what’s going on in my head and in my body right now but it’s amazing” What Evenepoel discovers there looks furiously like the culmination of something. This Vuelta is not the first major race he has won, including in 2022 (Liège-Bastogne-Liège), but three weeks of hard work give your sweat and your happiness a special taste.In the case of the Belgian, there is even something else.

All the reviews I received, the bad comments…

All the reviews I got, the bad reviews especially last year… he remembers. I think I finally showed that I could respond to everyone. You know I’ve worked so hard to come here in the best shape possible. And now to win this Vuelta is incredible. My first big lap finished, I’m going to win it…“. Everything in these sentences refers to his Tour of Italy 2021. The one he had approached without preparation, or almost, nine months after a terrible fall in the Tour of Lombardy which had almost left him for dead. The one during which he had disappointed those who thought that a kid of just 21 could return to competition on a grand tour and win it.

He didn’t doubt, or at least he doesn’t say so. It has set itself clear objectives for the year 2022: Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Vuelta. Two out of two, one hundred percent, in the mile, perfect shot. With a Monument to his credit and a grand tour this season, this 22-year-old toddler frankly has a great candidacy to offer to be the man of the cycling season. But since it’s not yet time to look to tomorrow, it’s not the time to look back on yesterday either. Sunday, Remco Evenepoel will win the Tour of Spain 2022. Is it enough for his happiness? “Yes, it’s the best day of my life“.

Tour of Spain

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Tour of Spain

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