Klaus Schwab’s predictions start with “happy” rationing

Klaus Schwab's predictions start with "happy" rationing

You will own nothing and you will be happy. The famous prediction launched in 2016 for 2030 by a certain Economic Forum continues to materialize. The pretext of the fight against the Covid epidemic having already allowed Macron and Co. to destroy 700 billion of our economy, it is today the Ukrainian conflict which gives the possibility to the plutocracy to complete our stripping on the pretext of the defense of Ukraine against evil Russia.

No more the cheapest Russian gas in the world and a good share of extremely polluting American shale gas, which is difficult to transport and expensive for the consumer. Diesel at €2.15, inflation (official) at 7%, the sanctions never cease to encourage war and bear fruit… against our own economy. And again, you haven’t seen anything yet: today, it is the shortages that point the tip of their nose. After the lack of sunflower oil and PQ, unimaginable in France only a few months ago, now comes the turn of all energy production in general to become dangerously scarce.

This is a very alarmist forum and, for once, without language of wood, which should make us react more than ever: the director of Engie (GDF), as well as the CEO of EDF and that of Total launched last Sunday in the JDD an appeal without concession to ask us to collectively and as much as possible reduce our consumption. Lemaire, for his part, announces outright “load shedding [..] and gas cuts in businesses in the coming months”. In Germany, which foreshadows our future, since it is even more dependent on Russian gas than we are, it is Robert Habeck, the Minister of the Economy, who declares that his country is running into shortages and announces that it will have to shut down altogether, to an indefinite period (and no doubt very long), entire industrial sectors, with all the unemployment and loss of market that will go with it! Thus, the big mouths of European ecology resort even more massively to their bad habits of burning coal, and in spite of that envisage shortages for the population as of mid-December. However, France is following suit since the Saint-Avold coal-fired power station, which has been closed for several months, will reopen urgently. Note that more than half of nuclear power plants are currently under maintenance, therefore unusable, due to lack of investment.

Damien Ernst, Belgian energy specialist, warns: “We are in the worst turn that events can take: very high energy prices (+700% increase in prices on the wholesale markets) and insufficient reserves that are no longer being filled. Things are looking very bad for next winter and there could be rationing plans. » And the specialist concludes:

“People don’t realize what’s really going to happen in a few months. To paraphrase Churchill, all I see is blood, toil, tears and sweat. »

In any case, we are moving directly towards false political solutions that they will be able to make believe useful to the herd of sheep: Energy, ecological or climate pass, all these major violations of our fundamental rights have already been mentioned by the globalists. After the so-called health Pass, this obligation by the EU to be injected with poisons, will soon come that of restricting its energy consumption, even food, for senseless and counterproductive political decisions… unless you are part of the oligarchy , of course.

The USSR, its rationing, its compulsory misery and its generalized impoverishment, if we don’t move now, with the New World Order, we’ll be there very soon, with liberal sauce this time; and for our greatest happiness, of course!

Sylvain for The Media in 4-4-2

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