King Charles III arrived in Northern Ireland

King Charles III arrived in Northern Ireland

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3:54 p.m. : At a reception at London Fashion Week in 2012, Prince Charles described himself as a “clock stopped”. We come back to his style in this article.

1:58 p.m. : Charles III has been in Belfast, Northern Ireland, since noon. He will attend the speech of the President of the Local Assembly, a former member of the IRA, the nationalist paramilitary group responsible for the death of an uncle of the new sovereign.

1:33 p.m. : The number of views of the series The Crown, which traces the life of the British royal family (in a fictionalized way), has exploded since the death of Queen Elizabeth. According to data cited by the Guardianthe series’ viewership increased by 800% between September 9 and 11, compared to the previous Saturday to Sunday period.

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1:18 p.m. : Charles III landed this afternoon in Belfast for his first visit as king to Northern Ireland, plagued by renewed community tensions since Brexit. The monarch is due to meet politicians from the various communities, as part of a tour of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), to receive their condolences after the death of Elizabeth II.

11:00 : In Edinburgh, the line remains very long this morning to see the coffin of Elizabeth II, as shown in the photo below. In London, where it will be exhibited from tomorrow evening, a few people are already waiting, observed an AFP journalist.


10:54 : After Scotland, the new King Charles III travels to Northern Ireland today to receive condolences from local politicians. If this territory is no longer at war, it remains deeply divided between the Unionists, supporters of remaining within the United Kingdom, and the Republicans, who dream of joining the Republic of Ireland. “Charles is not my king”explains a resident of a republican district of Belfast in this report by Agathe Mahuet.


09:24 : London police call their officers to order after the broadcast from a video showing police removing an anti-monarchist protester outside the Palace of Westminster. “The public absolutely has the right to protest, we have made this clear to all officers”assures the Metropolitan Police this morning.

12:08 : Let’s recall the main news of this Tuesday:

Another major fire rages in Gironde, and spread widely overnight. According to firefighters, 1,300 hectares burned in less than 24 hours.

New clashes broke out that night on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Baku claims to have suffered losses. Yerevan denounces a “assault” of its neighbor and appeals in particular to France.

• The Ukrainian army’s counter-offensive enabled it to retake 6,000 km2 from Russian troops, asserts Volodymyr Zelensky. Here is what he remember yesterday’s events.

Elizabeth II’s coffin is still on display at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. He must be transferred to London at the end of the day. Charles III goes to Northern Ireland.

The ethics committee must give an opinion on the end of life this morning. According to our informationEmmanuel Macron wishes to launch a citizens’ convention on the subject, which would lead to a law in 2023.

08:39 : 5h18, here we are 👑

08:39 : The starting point of the line at 4am in Edinburgh, some waited 6am to see the coffin of the queen @franceinfo

08:39 : shadows in the night.. a huge procession in the streets of Edinburgh

08:39 : 1 am, still hundreds and hundreds of meters of queue to access the cathedral ST Gilles #edinbourg

08:48 : The coffin of Elizabeth II has been on display since yesterday evening in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, and will remain so until this afternoon and its transfer to London by plane. All night, residents followed one another to pay tribute to him, noted our journalist Nicolas Teillard.

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