Kendji Girac traumatized: this event which pushed him to put an end to his illiteracy!

Kendji Girac

More than 3.3 million people have given see you on monday 5 september on TF1 for to look at the TV movie Champion. Kendji Girac was beaten by the farmers of Love is in the meadow. Despite everything, he can be proud of himself. For the first time, he put aside the guitar to take his first steps as an actor. A quick glance on Twitter reveals that the performance of the winner of The Voice has convinced Internet users, also affected by the subject of the film: illiteracy. A theme which has a particular resonance for the very young actor.

Kendji Girac was illiterate

It’s a taboo subject, especially when you’re a celebrity. But Kendji Girac takes advantage of his notoriety to talk about it, and to make it understood that illiteracy is not a defect, is not a disease, and above all is not irreversible.. With a little practice, anyone can learn to write. He is the living proof of this, he who had great difficulties. This is what he explains in the columns of Le Parisien:

Read, I learned it at school, but I did not know how to write like a person who had a classic school career. (being part of the gypsy community, he traveled a lot with his family),. I made a lot of spelling mistakes, I wrote in phonetics, in fact. At the time, I felt no shame, more embarrassment. I didn’t practice much, other than texting. And then, I said to myself one day: I can’t stay like this. I like to do things well. I wanted to learn“.

This film is a way for him to educate the public through entertainment. Today, according to an INSEE survey, 2.5 million people are illiterate. This corresponds to 7% of people who have been educated in France and who are between the ages of 18 and 65.

Kendji Girac wants to be a spokesperson

Kendji Girac’s goal is to put an end to this ridiculous taboo which only further excludes people who are victims of illiteracy. Out of modesty, out of shame, they dare not talk about it. And they often end up shutting themselves up in ill-being. Kendji Girac wants to use the power brought to him by his influence. ” I would like to be a spokesperson, I met associations, I will work with them on this subject“. He also takes advantage of the release of the TV movie to recount the moment when his illiteracy traumatized him. It was then that he decided to change.

” Lhe day I signed my first contract with Universal, I completely freaked out, he revealed. I just had to put the mention ‘I, the undersigned Kendji Girac’… And it was like writing an entire book. I didn’t even want to sign it for fear of making spelling mistakes. Everyone was looking at me signing. I still remember that sheet and that pen. I signed it as best I could, with a lot of stress…and capital letters. That day, it was a click. »

His new life as a father

It is on Instagram that the singer announces that he is a dad for the first time. ” When love comes to life… Welcome to my princess EVA ALBA whom I love more than anything. 01/26/21“. The life of the singer changes completely following this wonderful event. From now on, he no longer lives only for himself, but for his granddaughter. In 50 minutes Inside, he obviously recognizes in the face of Nikos Aliagas that his life is no longer the same.

Every time I get up to work, even if I’m tired, I know why am I doing it. It’s because I want to build a bright future for my daughter and my partner. Later, she will see all the work that her dad does, whether in the music or for this movie. I’m going to tell her that her daddy is thirsty to learn, thirsty to know a lot of things“.

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