Kelly Vedovelli (TPMP) cute in a mini-swimsuit: her dream body bewitches the Web

Kelly Vedovelli (TPMP) craquante en mini-maillot : son corps de rêve envoûte la Toile

Like many French people, Kelly Vedovelli is enjoying the summer. The columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” thus showed herself in a two-piece swimsuit on a beach, not far from Paris. A shower of comments is fallen quickly in the photo she posted on Instagram.

Kelly shows up in two pieces

Kelly Vedovelli’s vacation takes place not far from the capital. To forget her Parisian daily life, she went to the Yvelines. More precisely, at the leisure center of the ponds of Holland at Les Bréviaires. An opportunity for her to appear in a swimsuit on a sunny beach.

Internet users were quick to leave compliments in comments on Kelly’s photo posted on Instagram. Indeed, in the photo, she shows her figure and her belly flat in a black bikini. Which made the heads of its subscribers spin. The reactions were like:

“Canon Kelly”, “How marvelous! », « You are sublime », « Always so beautiful » and many others.

Kelly talks about her complexes

Despite her confidence and her comfort with her body, she has, as everyone, complexes with which it coexists. Cyril Hanouna’s columnist in “Touche pas à mon poste” spoke about it last January. It was on Instagram, during a question and answer session.

She admitted to having “a hollow at the end of the nose” and “extra pounds”. She also spoke honestly about being “brunette, 30, not married or having kids.” And she added “when you seek you find” before launching that you still had to be “gentle with yourself”.

Kelly Vedovelli, victim of fatphobia

Kelly Vedovelli, even being appreciated and despite her notoriety, is not spared from criticism. She gets a lot of it from internet users. Moreover, the young woman has already been the victim of grossophobia. However, she’s not one to give up.

She demonstrated it by indicating in an Instagram story:

“I assume what I post, otherwise I don’t post. »

And she pointed out that compared to others, she doesn’t have a lot of criticism. She said she wasn’t affected by it.

Kelly advocates body positive

In caption to her post, Kelly Vedovelli writes:

“Do not force yourself to fit into the boxes, choose happiness. Thank you friends “.

A way for her to advocate body positive. And thus, encourage its subscribers to TO DO proof of tolerance. The season of “Touche pas à mon poste” was closed on June 24 by Cyril Hanouna. The chronicle team is therefore on vacation. As a result, Kelly Vedovelli subscribers should expect more shots of this kind during this summer.

Kelly, used to comments

Comments and compliments, the darling of Hanouna knows that. Obviously, this is not the first time that the pretty Kelly has been talked about. But this kind of pose, she does not do too often. You could say that for her, it’s a special summer pose.

Indeed, in the past, she has already displayed herself in a swimsuit during her holidays of summer. Of course, his subscribers never fail to comment. And they even take pleasure in doing so. Once, Kelly decided to delete comments to avoid unpleasant ones.

Kelly treated fat by a surfer

About unpleasant comments, recently the blonde paid the price. At the beginning of this month of June, she posted a hater. The latter sent him an unpleasant message. In fact, on one of her last posts, she got harassed twice.

A surfer pointed out to her that she was fat. First, he wrote, “You gotta go on a diet,” apologizing for the comment. After a few hours, the same account commented a 2nd time.

“You are fat, question yourself. Excuse me, but I am frank “, could we read.

Obviously, the columnist did not like it and she was sad about it. She therefore decided to react by posting the face of her hater.

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