Jürgen Klopp sounds the alarm before the shock against Ajax!

Jürgen Klopp sounds the alarm before the shock against Ajax!
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“Is this a situation that I wanted? No. But now we are there. And we all find it interesting and stimulating. A lot of good things have happened in the past and this team has shown incredible consistency over a long period of time and I know how this business works. We have to answer, we have to talk, we have to show and we have to train.”. These strong words are those of Jürgen Klopp, questioned, Monday afternoon, at a press conference before hosting Ajax Amsterdam for the second day of the Champions League (Group A). Annoyed after the slap received against Napoli (4-1), Jürgen Klopp was, despite everything, able to count on a longer time to remobilize his group. The death of Queen Elizabeth II having caused, as a tribute, the postponement of Premier League matches this weekend.

A boon at a time when the Reds are the subject of much criticism, whether in collective performance or the involvement of certain executives (Mohamed Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold). Present at a press conference before receiving Ajax Amsterdam, this Tuesday at 9 p.m., Jürgen Klopp nevertheless relied on irony. Asked about Liverpool’s complicated start to the season, the German technician has not lost his sense of humor. Responding to a question about the rhythm his team might miss against the Lancers, after the postponement of his last match in England, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the former Marsupials coach said: “What pace? We had no rhythm? Did you watch our match (against Napoli)? Losing that rhythm would be really cool.”.

Jürgen Klopp wants to find his collective!

A self-mockery allowing the 55-year-old German coach to play down the situation, without lacking lucidity on the current problems. “We spoke to the players, I watched the Napoli game a lot and we saw horrors. The players knew it too. It was the worst game since I’ve been here. Even in some difficult games, like against Villa, there were positive signs. But there, nothing. You solve all the individual problems as a team and that’s the first thing we have to do, follow a common idea again. I only read about ten words of what was said about us, but most were probably correct. I watched the game on replay, and (if it was me) I would have asked a lot of questions about the manager and the players.continued Klopp.

Under fire from critics, the former strongman of the Marsupials has, despite everything, taken the opportunity to insist on the shortcomings observed since the start of the season. “We could have conceded even more goals, it’s crazy! We put ourselves in this situation where no one could react appropriately in this game anymore. When James Milner comes too late to duels and loses those duels he would normally have won, something is wrong. We had obvious problems related to football itself, in defense and attack. What led us to encounter these problems is probably a poor appreciation of the situation. It felt like everyone wanted to solve the problem but each on their own, and that never gave us the structure to work together.”. Determined to rediscover the collective values ​​that led Liverpool to the Champions League final last season, Jürgen Klopp has called for general mobilization. Enough to defeat Alfred Schreuder’s men? Reply in a few hours…

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