Jessica Thivenin in tears, she revives her dead son Maylone, zoom in on this terrible moment

Jessica Thivenin en larmes, elle réanime son fils Maylone mort, zoom sur ce terrible moment

Raising their first child is always a big challenge for young parents. Even the stars are not spared. For Jessica Thivenin and her husband, welcoming their eldest son and the months that followed were a real struggle.

A difficult pregnancy

Some women go through motherhood with ease and without complications. For Jessica Thivenin, pregnancy was a big fight. It is in his autobiography entitled “My children, my battle” that the mother of Maylone and Leewane shares her experiences and her feelings during her adventures as a mother. She also shared her experiences when she was bedridden during the 18 months of pregnancy in this book.

The wife of Thibault Garcia has indeed a cervix which has been reduced. Because of this, Jessica was forced to undergo an operation to tighten the cervix called cerclage. To avoid a premature delivery during these two pregnancies, she had to undergo cerclage twice. Throughout her pregnancies, the influencer had to constantly remain lying down.

It was not easy for her. The star of networks had to minimize certain movements as much as possible to the point of calculating his pee breaks. Such a nightmare that the young woman hoped would be over once her son was born. Maylone was born in October 2019. As the young parents waited impatiently for this day, they had no idea what was to come next.

The heart massage that saved Maylone’s life

Barely a few hours after his birth, the little boy had to undergo an operation. The long-awaited baby boy suffered from esophageal atresia. The young mum was only able to hold her baby for a few seconds with her newborn before he left for a block for treatment.

The young parents thought that the worst was over, but unfortunately, a sad episode of a few seconds was going to disturb them. The infant was barely eight weeks old when he nearly died. The little family was in a restaurant.

During the evening, the young mother had noticed her baby was not breathing. Little Maylone was all blue, which alerted the couple. They rushed to the emergency room. While they were in the taxi, the young mother did her best to try to bring her beloved son back to life. So she gave him cardiac massage, and luckily she did.

“I thought about doing cardiac massage as we had been taught at the hospital. After a while it worked and I heard him breathing,” she shared in a December 2019 video.

Another episode of terror for Maylone’s parents

If the little boy has regained his breath, the parents are not out of the woods. A few months later, the same incident happened again. He was four months old when the mother had to give him cardiac massage for the second time. The pain that the mother may have felt is unimaginable. The influencer had explained that the little boy’s tracheomalacia closed. He had just taken a bottle when he turned blue again.

“He’s not breathing anymore. He becomes dead again. “, confided Jessica Thivenin on Brut.

This is how she again gave a cardiac massage to Maylone. His husband was trying to call the emergency services when the baby finally came back to life. With tears in her eyes, the young woman recounts this terrible experience.

“When he comes to his senses, he’s a little soft,” she said..

From what she said, the parents who were panicked by the situation, saw the little baby smiling at them as if nothing had happened. Jessica Thivenin no longer wishes to relive such a moment. Today, Maylone already goes to nursery. Her second pregnancy had worried her enormously, especially since it was the same as with Maylone.

It was in August 2021 that little Leewane was born. With the cliches shared on social networks, the small spot on the face of the little girl raised a discussion between Internet users. What the mother did not hesitate to explain. It would be a spot of an angioma. He will be able to leave with time, she was able to explain.

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