Jean-Jacques Bourdin: fired from RMC, the journalist accused of sexual assault sees a new door close

Jean-Jacques Bourdin: fired from RMC, the journalist accused of sexual assault sees a new door close

After being fired from RMC and BFMTV, the news is not good for Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Indeed, the journalist learned in Le Parisien, that he could not integrate TF1.

For Jean-Jacques Bourdin, the bad news is linked. After being initially dismissed from RMC and BFMTV, the journalist was simply fired from the group owning the two media. “Due to the events that occurred and were brought to the attention of management during the year 2022, management has decided to terminate Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s employment contract and thus cease all collaboration”explained the Altice group in a press release.

According to Anne Nivat’s husband, this decision is not so bad for her future: “21 years of success on RMC BFMTV RMCD. We are separating, I am so happy to be released, I am leaving for new adventures and I will never forget those who accompanied me… Long live free journalism and independent!!”. But speaking of the future, what is that of Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Apparently, it will not be on TF1. Indeed, Thierry Thuillier, director of information for the first channel, answered questions from our colleagues atParisianwho notably returned to a possible arrival of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on TF1.

Jean-Jacques Bourdin will not be on TF1

And his answer is clear: “The answer is no. It is not a value judgment on his personal situation, but as we wish to favor in-house talents, the question does not arise.he explains. These are very cash statements that will not fail to please the main interested party. Jean-Jacques Bourdin could receive a nice compensation from the media group following his dismissal: “The amount he will receive is very substantial. Several hundred thousand euros”, he begins by declaring before continuing: “I was told of a sum around 500,000 euros”, declared Gilles Verdez, specifying all the same that this sum could be seen on the rise.

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