Jazz and Laurent (JLC Family) reveal that they are officially leaving Dubai!

Jazz and Laurent (JLC Family) reveal that they are officially leaving Dubai!

They hardly ever gave interviews. Tired of letting others speak for them, and barely returned from the filming of The Battle of the Clansthe star couple of the JLC Family decided to give journalists time. And it is in all simplicity, far from the bling-bling image that they can have on television and on social networks, that Jazz and Laurent Correia have confided. Dubai, moving to Los Angeles, family… For Tele-Leisurethe lovers have not evaded any subject!

We got robbed

Tele-Leisure: Why did you decide to leave Dubai?

Jazz : We thought it was time for us to make a fresh start. We wanted to leave the negative things behind us. We lived five beautiful years in Dubai. We had an incredible professional, family and financial rise. But before, it was great, because nobody knew this city. Today, it is seen and reviewed.

Since the arrival of many other candidates, have you seen a change in mentalities in Dubai?

Lawrence : We have seen the change in the types of people who have joined Dubai. We had left France after being held up in Aix-en-Provence. We were at the hotel at first, we didn’t want to move in, and in the end, we stayed. I think we did our job as influencers well, because many arrived. You have to recognize that when you show beautiful things, it makes others want to, that’s normal.
J.: Dubai is changing, too. It is a city that is only fifty years old. Everything changes, even the laws. They are much more open-minded than before. Influencers from many countries bring a lot of tourists and so it changes the city. But we have experienced a real change in dating. It became a little easy to get to.

L. : I really see it, like Marrakech before. Just take your plane ticket. Everything is much easier than before. That’s a shame.

Joining Dubai allows you to obtain more flexible taxation, but were you motivated by other reasons?

J.: I think people who go there mostly think about safety, although not paying taxes is great. No one touches us there, it’s so strict. On the other hand, I don’t think we can save. For example, we were filming, I had to leave the air conditioning on because it’s 50 degrees. We got 5,000 euros worth of electricity. And everything is very expensive. The telephone package is 500 euros for example. If we do a calculation, I don’t think we really save money. Medical expenses also cost a blind. Life is five times more expensive than in France.

L. : But it’s true that Dubai has this reassuring side. When you have a family, you feel really safe. And the people are great. For example, we had lost our wallet 3-4 times, but we found it intact.

We’ll end our lives on the Côte d’Azur

In this new season of JLC Familyyou are moving to Los Angeles, do you plan to settle there permanently?

J.: See you there for a few years. We chose this city for the professional aspect. Security is not that. We also know that life is very expensive, too. Our main goal is to grow professionally. As influencers, the United States is something very trendy. It is considered very good. But I know in my heart that we will end our lives on the Côte d’Azur.

L.: I don’t have the impression that I would be able to attach myself anywhere. I get bored quickly. After five years in one country, I’m fed up. I want to start new adventures again, in new places, with new people… For me, that’s real life. A move is a kind of adventure for me.

Do you think all these changes can upset your children?

L. :It could, but they’ve been doing it so much forever that it’s becoming normal. When you do something regularly, it becomes commonplace. They’re not going to be shocked if we keep doing this. They were born into it. But we still try to keep this stability.

J.: I remain convinced that at some point, we will still have to settle down. Chelsea will enter primary school, we will also have to think about school. We also make sure that the important things follow us. The children’s nanny, whom they adore, is Filipina. To bring it to the USA, it’s quite a process, but we adapt.

You are very family, on the poster of the JLCwe see a lot less people than before, how do you explain it?

L. :I think it’s the same for all people like us. We had money and notoriety quickly. We attract bad. We let in people who were bad for us. Thank God, we realized this and inevitably, we sorted it out.

J.:I was in rebellion against my mother and my sister who warned me against this. They told me that I was too accessible. Except that we were in such a crazy new life with Laurent that we found ourselves in stories. I think that today we learned from all that. We count our friends on the fingers of our hand, even if we keep in mind that they may leave one day. The priority is our children, our family and our very close friends.

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