James Cameron unveiled new images and promised something never before seen in cinema

James Cameron unveiled new images and promised something never before seen in cinema

disney revealed new exclusive images ofAvatar: The Way of the Water and james cameron promises to push the boundaries of what has already been done in film.

The 31st convention of European operators, CineEurope 2022, took place this Tuesday in Barcelona. A valuable opportunity for the film industry to receive support from studios or big stars for its future. In this period when the issue of theaters and their survival is constantly put on the table, it was also necessary to see an important and positive demonstration on the subject. Tom Cruise, for example, came in person to celebrate the billionaire success of Top Gun: Maverick and affirm its unwavering support for the future of cinema in theatres.

Disney was there as well, which is not trivial with the company’s recent stances on our media timeline. Mickey having canceled theatrical release Strange World in France, the studio directly threatens the health of our rooms. A legitimate concern about Disney’s attitude, which should not, however, concern the studio’s biggest productions. We obviously think of the juggernaut of this end of the year that is the new James Cameron film: Avatar: The way of water.

Avatar: The Way of the Water: PhotoPandora, attacking cinemas

The sequel to one of the greatest successes in the history of cinema will indeed have an undeniable preponderance for cinemas and its presence at CineEurope 2022 should have been intended to reassure exhibitors. The film’s producer, Jon Landau, acted as an emissary for James Cameron and for Disney to present four exclusive scenes from the film. These, not available to the general public, were to demonstrate James Cameron’s new technologies, the latter promising mountains and wonders, in particular a strong comeback of 3D for this Avatar 2.

Jon Landau then presented his support to the exhibitor community, also announcing that the post-production of the long-awaited feature film was now in its final straight line. The presentation of new images from the film aimed to reinforce and prove the essential link between Avatar: The Way of the Water and its indoor experience, while deploying its revolutionary technical strength.

Avatar: The Way of the Water: PhotoUnderwater, on the big screen

Thus, Jon Landau has released a video of James Cameron developing this point:

Avatar 2 pushes the boundaries even further…every shot is designed for the biggest screen and highest resolution possible…I think that’s what the audience wants.

The mass is said, the director could not be clearer once again: Avatar 2 aims to be a revolution in cinema and to be an unprecedented experience never before attempted for cinema. Additionally, Cameron insisted that his film was lived in the best visual and auditory conditions, and therefore in a formula that could not exclude cinemas. It is therefore difficult to imagine Disney doing without cinemas to Avatar 2 (all the more given the fabulous receipts that it should generate at the box office).

Photo Sam WorthingtonSuddenly arises facing the wind, the greatest Na’vi of all time

If we have for the moment only a first trailer to believe or not in these promises, we wait impatiently to glimpse these four extracts, apparently more than promising. Faced with streaming and against the current of Disney’s inconstancy, James Cameron wanted to be very reassuring in any case:

We as an industry are not going to go away.

On these words that will or will not give you hope in Avatar: The Way of the Wateror in the future of the rooms, it is good to remember that James Cameron’s new movie is still scheduled for December 14, 2022.


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