“It’s as if I had made a pact with the devil”

"It's as if I had made a pact with the devil"
Comedian Philippe Lelièvre is one of the guests invited on

Philippe Lelièvre lynched because of his role as a teacher in the Star Academy: “It’s as if I had made a pact with the devil” (Photo by Eric Fougère/VIP Images/Corbis via Getty Images)

This Thursday, June 30, 2022, “La Stagiaire” is back on France 3. The opportunity to find Michèle Bernier, but also Philippe Lelièvre who gives him the reply. A universe far from that in which the general public discovered it: the Star Academy. Professor in the famous tele-hook of TF1 for several seasons, the actor has not only kept good memories of this experience…

It has been almost eight years since Michele Bernier embodies the main role of “The Trainee”. In the series, it is Philippe Lelievre who plays the character of Barth, her husband. A figure well known to viewers, since he had managed to make a place for himself in the hearts of the public in the early 2000s. At that time, the star academy was still hitting audiences on TF1, and Philippe Lelièvre’s theatrical expression lessons entertained the students of the Château. But what is less known are all the negative consequences that then weighed on the shoulders of Philippe Lelièvre.

Video. Philippe Lelièvre: what you need to know about the actor

A teacher who does not appeal to everyone

Born in Paris, Philippe Lelièvre has almost always been passionate about comedy, and more specifically improvisation. In his early days, he cut his teeth at the Cours Florent where he benefited from the precious teachings of Francis Huster. In the 90s, his first television appearances were in Christophe Dechavanne’s cult show, “Ciel mon mardi”. It’s the start of a great career. In the 2000s, his energy and talent caught the eye of Star Academy production. Thus, between 2005 and 2008, Philippe Lelièvre succeeds Oscar Sisto as a theatrical improvisation teacher. Faced with talented candidates, Philippe Lelièvre’s folklore hit the mark, and Star Ac’ fans quickly became attached to this colorful character.

“A wonderful memory” for Philippe Lelièvre who returned to this crazy experience at the microphone of Europe 1 in 2021. In total, the teacher performed the show for three seasons of Star Academy. But after the fifth and sixth, the eighth rang false. It was even “one too many” according to Philippe Lelièvre. At that time, if the Star Ac’ brought together millions of viewers each week on TF1, and allowed him to be discovered by the general public, the image of a teacher in a tele-hook popular was not easy to wear for the comedian : “I was acclaimed by Rock & Folk and all that press (…) And when I did the Star Ac’, it stopped overnight.”

Was it a form of contempt for art? Years later, Philippe Lelièvre has forgotten nothing of the brutality of this media lynching on the part of a certain press: “It’s as if I had made a pact with the devil. Whereas I was only doing a part of my job. That is to say that I have been teaching for years, I love it. And it’s true that when there was the Star Ac, afterwards people turned their back on me a little, I have to say it.”

After Star Ac’, a painful moment

Thrown to the rank of unloved in the theatrical microcosm, Philippe Lelièvre was confronted with easy judgments, reduced to his role as a Star Ac’ teacher. “It was a bit painful because it had nothing to do with talent (…) it was a difficult moment, fortunately there was live performance because I was able to continue playing at the theater but TV and cinema were a net stop“he remembered at the microphone of Europe 1, still experienced. However, Philippe Lelièvre has never harbored regrets about his passage in tele-hook. And for good reason: in addition to having transmitted his art to the students of the Star Academy, it was during the filming of the show that he met his wife!

Video. “It was painful”: Philippe Lelièvre tells what his role as a teacher at Star Ac cost him

And finally, after years of playing on stage, television opened its doors to him. Now married and the father of three children, he fully blossoms in the series of France 3, “The trainee”, alongside Michèle Bernier, the one he appreciates so much. “Besides, I sometimes wonder if it’s not my wife, I mix my pencils” he joked about it on the set of Télématin.

One thing is certain: despite harsh criticism from the specialized press, Philippe Lelièvre has always clung to this devouring passion for comedy. It is partly thanks to this that he was able to change his life, he who grew up in a “not very well-off” family, as he confided to Here: “Since the age of 8, I know that I want to do this job until I die. (…) I liked to stage myself and make people laugh at the slightest opportunity. I didn’t like school, and that’s why I never put pressure on my three sons.”

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