“It’s a rare event”: Florence Foresti very cash on her sex life

"It's a rare event": Florence Foresti very cash on her sex life

Invited on the Daily set this Monday, September 12, Florence Foresti delivered some intimate confidences. The comedian has indeed mentioned his sex life, which has evolved over the years.

There is no taboo for Florence Foresti. The comedian, who is about to present his fifth one-man show, called “Boys Boys Boys”, was invited on the Daily set this Monday, September 12. But during the interview, she indulged in some secrets about her private life.

While Yann Barthès asked him what song she would choose for a night of loveFlorence Foresti revealed that her choice would be on the Champions League music. A sound that makes all football fans shiver as soon as they hear it, and which corresponds well to her sex life according to the actress. “It’s rare, you have to sanctify the moment”she explained with humor, before adding: “From the age of 48, you have to realize that this is an event … a live event you don’t want to miss. And sometimes there are goals!

Florence Foresti is no longer a heart to take

However, for a few months, Florence Foresti has found love. Indeed, last May the comedian appeared with his new companion, Alexander Kominek, in the stands of Roland-Garros. The two lovebirds even exchanged tender kisses during the match. And a few weeks later, Florence Foresti took a new step.

While she was going to the Marigny Theater to attend the 100th of Vincent Dedienne’s show on June 27, Toni’s mother came accompanied by her darling. The couple had not failed to take a break in front of the photographers.

Who is Alexandre Kominek, the darling of Florence Foresti?

Just like his other half, Alexander Kominek is also a comedian. This 33-year-old Swiss is first went through law studies before heading towards his passion. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Artistic Direction in Geneva, the young man multiplied his appearances on small stages. He has performed at the Banane Comedy Club in Lausanne and at the Jokenation competition. This allowed him to make a name for himself in the industry and toaccess to the Montreux Comedy Club and the Jamel Comedy Club. In 2018, he even took the stage with his own show, Sensitive Bastard. And a little over a year ago, we could see it in the Canal + mini-series, 6 X Confined.es.

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