“Intrafamily drama” in Joigny, back to school from AJA, violent storms in Yonne, the Catalpa Festival back in Auxerre… The main news of the week

"Drame intrafamilial" à Joigny, rentrée de l

Sports, economy, politics, news items… Here are the main information to remember from this week from June 20 to 26, 2022 in Yonne.

Two of the three outgoing deputies ousted, a long-awaited achievement for the National Rally and the bloodless LR right in Yonne. This first half of 2022, punctuated by presidential and legislative elections, has upset the local political landscape. Find our analysis by clicking here.

premium The former deputy of Yonne Guillaume Larrivé (LR) breaks the silence and tackles Emmanuel Macron

Murder of his neighbor in Saint-Valérien: the alleged shooter indicted and imprisoned

Suspected of having fired a gun at his neighbors in Saint-Valérien on June 4, 2022, a sexagenarian was indicted for murder and attempted murder. If her neighbor had not been injured, her husband, Gilbert Deloge, died in front of his home.

premium After the assassination of his neighbor in Saint-Valérien, the alleged shooter indicted and imprisoned

A successful music festival
despite the rain

The Fête de la Musique celebrated its 40th anniversary on Tuesday June 21, 2022. A great comeback after two years marred by the Covid health crisis. There were many people despite the rain which came to Auxerrois and Avallonnais in particular.

Find our photo slideshow of the Fête de la musique 2022

The Champs-Plaisants district, in Sens,
find your post office

Five years after the fire that ravaged its premises, the Champs-Plaisants post office officially reopened its doors to the public on Monday June 20, 2022. A long-term file, full of hazards. “I stopped following after a while”, loose Moussa, a resident of the district for whom the temporary disappearance of this service participated “to accentuate the trauma of the fire for the people of the district”. Finally, the building was delivered at the beginning of 2022, the fittings were carried out and it has just opened to the public, even if some adjustments still have to be made.

premium Five years after the fire in the Champs-Plaisants shopping center, the Post office reopens its doors in the district

The prefect rejects the sale for 1 € by the City of Sens of a former school in the city center

Rebound in the case of the sale of the former Sainte-Paule school, Monday June 20, 2022, in the municipal council of Sens. The prefect canceled the deliberation of December 13, which provided for an assignment to a private real estate player, Bellevilles, for a symbolic €1. The former school will therefore ultimately be sold for an amount of €220,150. “It’s an administrative burden that clearly jeopardizes the project. The property company will do everything to complete the budget, but it says it is not sure of getting there”, fears Paul-Antoine de Carville, first deputy mayor .

premium The City did not have the right to “sell off” the old Sainte-Paule school for a symbolic €1: the prefect pats him on the knuckles

In Saint-Georges-sur-Baulche, experimentation
one-way traffic on the D158 disturbs

While the test could be made final on June 27, 2022, many residents continue to express their dissatisfaction with the experimentation since August 2021 of a one-way street on the D158 from Grande rue to Saint-Georges-sur-Baulche . A collective of residents, created in September 2021, protests. “Vehicles consume two to three times more than going through the Main Street and pollute more because they make detours. There is constant noise and traffic, we want to recover our tranquility”, assure its members.

premium In Saint-Georges-sur-Baulche, the one-way experimentation on the D158 disturbs some of the inhabitants

Release of our Summer Hours supplement

We want a cherry guinguette. Getaway in a van or on horseback in the vineyards. Shows in a marquee or on a barge. From movies under the stars. After two years of health crisis, we have to breathe. Our magazine summer hours guides you. Freewheeling. This 68-page holiday guide has been available since June 22 at campsites and tourist hotspots as well as tourist offices.

What will be the trends this summer in Yonne? Follow our guide to explore the region by freewheeling

The strong images of the recovery
AJ Auxerre training

A group of 25 players from AJ Auxerre resumed training on Thursday morning June 23 at the Abbé-Deschamps stadium to launch preparations for the 2022-2023 Ligue 1 season.

premium Reception of the supporters, reunion of the group of the rise, new young faces: the strong images of the resumption of training of AJ Auxerre

On Sunday June 26, the group then took the road for a week of internship in Chambon-sur-Lignon (Haute-Loire). The internship allows both to work on the human and technical aspects. “In terms of human resources work, it’s very important. You do a lot of individual interviews,” said Auxerre coach Jean-Marc Furlan.

Violent thunderstorms in Auxerrois

An intense stormy episode hit the Yonne on the evening of Thursday June 23, 2022, causing damage particularly in Auxerre. A thousand homes were without electricity and the rainfall, 44 mm in the city center, created numerous floods. It is however in Chablis that the record was recordedwith 58 mm of rain, also causing damage.

The day after the violent storms of Thursday June 23, the damage is visible in Auxerre

Other thunderstorms occurred on Saturday June 25 in the Yonne, less violent than those of the middle of the week. They nevertheless caused some damage, particularly in the Arthonnay sector where up to 500 homes were deprived of electricity.

Two people found dead in Joigny

Two bodies were discovered in an apartment “during the afternoon” of this Saturday, June 25, 2022, in Joigny. A criminal investigation has been opened. “It is a priori an intra-family drama, an uncle and his nephew”, indicated Saturday evening the public prosecutor of Auxerre Hugues de Phily. Asked about the circumstances of the tragedy, the magistrate evokes as “possible” but “to be confirmed” the hypothesis of a homicide followed by a suicide.

The great return of the Catalpa Festival to Auxerre

Threatened until the last moment by bad weather, the Catalpa Festival finally took place in Auxerre. A great return to the Arbre-sec for the musical event of the summer, after several revised editions.

premium Behind the scenes, with the Catalpa Festival teams

Friday, thethe first 100% reggae evening with notably Tiken Jah Fakoly brought together 16,000 people. A craze confirmed this Saturday, despite the capricious weather and the cancellation of General Electrics at the last minute, the electro-pop evening, with around 9,000 festival-goers present.

premium In the words of festival-goers: the Catalpa in seven words

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