Inflation and purchasing power: finally discover all the new measures in preparation for the government

Inflation et pouvoir d'achat : découvrez enfin toutes les nouvelles mesures en préparation du gouvernement

Retirees vote for Emmanuel Macron: they are the first concerned

Is it cynical to think that the newly re-elected president wanted to give a boost to those who massively participated in his re-election? It remains a simple hypothesis. Be that as it may, it was the increase in retirement pensions that was mentioned first. An increase of 4% has, since April, been mentioned.

This 4% increase was decided after a quick calculation made over the last six months. This revaluation takes into account INSEE’s current inflation projection for May, at 5.2%. However, June inflation, which could reach 5.4% (again according to INSEE), would not be retained, because the final figures arrive too late for indexation on July 1, 2022. Thus, it is from August that retirees will be able to benefit from this 4% increase.

But what about the most precarious, those who live in part thanks to social assistance? They have not been forgotten!

RSA, activity bonus, APL: what are the government’s decisions?

All these aids will be increased in the summer of 2022 in order to fight against inflation. But this does not delight everyone since, for some, it is simply window dressing. We explain why. For starters, the RSA is also going to be increased by 4%.

As revealed by the calculations of Dossier Familial, the lump sum for a single person without money is 563.68 euros. With the 4% revaluation, the increase is 22 euros, for a total of 586.22 euros. All people who receive the RSA are affected by this increase, regardless imported the amount. The activity bonus, for its part, will also be increased by 4%. On the other hand, the APL will increase by 3.5%, and not by 4%. Bruno Le Maire announced the news on Twitter:

Until the end of June 2023, rents cannot increase by more than 3.5%. With inflation, they could have increased by more than 5%. This rent shield will be accompanied by a 3.5% revaluation of the APL. Faced with rising prices, we protect the French. »

But this press release does not pass for certain French people, who have made their voices heard. One thinks in particular of the reaction of Ian Brossat, deputy mayor of Paris, in charge housing: In its great generosity, the government plans to revalue the APL by 3.5% or 168 million euros. After having reduced them by 15 billion euros in the last 5 years. I’ll take 100 from you, I’ll give you back 1. Isn’t the manipulation beautiful? »

Inflation: the French have difficulty making ends meet

A recent study shows that the French need, in mean, an additional 490 euros per month to finish each month properly. The increase in this aid is essential, even if below the increase in inflation, to help those who are in precarious situations. Month-over-month, prices continue to rise to historic rates. This is the simple consequence of two years of health crisis, and the current situation in Ukraine. Russia being cut off from the world by almost all the countries of the globe, the repercussions were not long in coming.

A last effort of the government should be made, in the weeks to come, with the suppression of another tax. Indeed, the audiovisual tax should probably disappear for this year. It is usually paid at the same time as the council tax. And since the latter no longer concerns the majority of French people (and will be definitively ended in 2023), it seems logical for the President to put an end to what was previously called the audiovisual license fee.

The contribution to public broadcasting will be permanently abolished this year and the financing of public broadcasting will be ensured in compliance with the constitutional objective of pluralism and independence of the media. “, indicates the government, in the transcription of a communication from the minister Economy Bruno Le Maire on the occasion of the Council of Ministers.

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