In the Assembly, the National Rally has anti-abortion deputies

In the Assembly, the National Rally has anti-abortion deputies

8:45 a.m., June 26, 2022

And here is the National Rally (RN) which could already be cornered on the far right of the hemicycle, just six days after sending 89 deputies to the National Assembly. By tabling a constitutional bill yesterday to sanctuary the right to abortion, the government is forcing the fiery party to position itself on a subject that could damage its attempts to de-demonize itself. If the party leaders take turns to recall that the RN “never wanted to go back on abortion”like Sébastien Chenu, Marine Le Pen has indeed sent several anti-abortion activists to the Palais-Bourbon.

Among them, Caroline Parmentier, one of his closest collaborators. Long editor of the Catholic-traditionalist newspaper Present and propelled to the deputy of Pas-de-Calais on Sunday, she signed, among other things, an article in May 2018 in which she regretted that” after having “genocide” French children at the rate of 200,000 per year (the number of abortions in France, editor’s note), we must now replace them with all our might by migrants”. Elected in the Vaucluse, Hervé de Lépiau, is not to be outdone. In October 2020, he compared abortion at 14 weeks on Twitter “to the Armenian and Rwandan genocides, to the Holocaust, to the crimes of Daesh” and explained that “abortion remains a crime (very largely decriminalized) therefore an intrinsically bad act”. On November 27, 2014, for the 40th anniversary of the Veil law, he wrote: “sinister anniversary. Tribute to the millions of victims of abortion. No to the culture of death, yes to life. » During the 2011 March for Life, the RN deputy for Haute-Marne, Christophe Bentz, told the media News from France that “Abortion is mass genocide. »“The embryo has perceptions, it is not a pinhead”, estimated for his part Philippe Ballard, the deputy of Oise, during an interview with the JDD in November 2021. He thus justified his opposition to the extension of the abortion period from 12 to 14 weeks. Finally, the spokesperson Laure Lavalette, elected in the Var, signed in 2014 a text, unearthed by Liberation, asking “repeal, in the long term, the right to abortion”.

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Marine Le Pen maintains an ambiguous position

Marine Le Pen herself maintains an ambiguous position on abortion. In 2012, his remarks on “comfort abortions” caused a controversy. More recently, in the fall of 2021, she spoke out against the extension of the abortion period, denouncing a “ideological drift”. “The reality is that this two-week change is a very significant changeshe told the JDD. The act is not the same. It is much more traumatic for women and doctors. There are most certainly a certain number of doctors, who agreed to perform abortions up to 12 weeks, and who will refuse to perform them up to 14 weeks. It will reduce the number of practitioners. It is a mistake made against women for ideological reasons. » Marine Le Pen also defends the policy of her ally in the European Parliament, the PiS, which has banned abortion in Poland, except if the pregnancy results from rape or endangers a woman’s life. “It is the freedom of the Polish people which is based on the specificity of Poland, its history, the impregnation of the Catholic religion”she explained during the same interview.

Unlike the vast majority of the political class, the RN did not disapprove of the cancellation of the Wade vs. Roe in the United States, which repeals the right to abortion at the federal level. “The government exploits what is part of American domestic politics to create a diversion: where are its emergency plans for purchasing power and against immigration? » evaded its interim president Jordan Bardella on Twitter. Waiting for the votes of its deputies.

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