In “Champion” on TF1, Kendji Girac carries out a very personal fight against illiteracy

In "Champion" on TF1, Kendji Girac carries out a very personal fight against illiteracy

TV – Zack has a secret: he is illiterate. This Monday, September 5, this character is embodied by Kendji Girac on TF1, which broadcasts a new fiction in two parts entitled Champion. The main role, that of Zack, is the story of a 24-year-old carpenter working alongside his father in the South of France. He looks like an ordinary young man. But it hides a heavy secret : he is illiterate. This situation concerns 7% of the adult population aged 18 to 65 who have been educated in France, i.e. 2,500,000 people in mainland France, according to the National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy.

For the singer who wears the actor costume for the first time, it is a national cause but also a personal one. In his youththe winner of the show’s third season The Voice encountered difficulties in learning French at school, as you can see in the video above. He tells the HuffPost having often moved with his parents due to a nomadic lifestyle. Coming from the gypsy community, Kendji Girac used to travel a lot. This prevented him from completing an entire school year in stable conditions and thus from learning to read and write correctly.

A daily and professional handicap

The singer and the character he portrays in Champion shares some common traits. The author of Color Gitano explained that he started working young with his father. Together they worked with wood. With his friends, he built treehouses. This also explains the delay he took in learning to write and read at school.

These shortcomings have long been a handicap in everyday life. As well as for the millions of French people who are subject to illiteracy. Impossibility to travel alone, to carry out administrative procedures, examples abound. The click came around the age of 17-18 for the singer, a period which corresponds to the beginning of his musical career. He remembers the moment of signing his first contract at Universal and the loneliness he felt when writing the formula “I, the undersigned”.

Ask for help

Like Zack who wants to become a boxing trainer, illiteracy is an obstacle to achieving professional goals. The objective of the film is to give a voice to those who suffer from illiteracy so that they can then think together about solutions. Champion also aims to restore the self-confidence of people in this situation so that they have the courage to ask for help. Do not be afraid of the gaze of the other.

Kendji Girac was helped by members of his entourage who allowed him to get out of this situation and become independent. According to the singer, knowing how to read and write “is to be free “. Today, he can travel to events by plane without having to be accompanied. It is a personal victory thanks to which he hopes to inspire the French suffering from illiteracy.

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