“I’m in jail”: Renaud’s daughter, in Japan, makes a shock announcement on the Web!


Singer Renaud recently participated in a charity evening with Pascal Obispo, to help the firefighters. We will always remember the song “Morgane de toi” that he writes for his daughter, Lolilta Séchan. Lately, this took a flight to Japan. Héloïse’s mother, who just turned 11 this August, wants to celebrate its 42 years in the land of the Rising Sun. Arriving at her destination, she leaves this intriguing message to her fans.

Renaud’s daughter celebrates her birthday

The daughter of singer Renaud, offered herself a very original birthday present. She couldn’t contain her joy and thetherefore revealed to its subscribers on Instagram.

On the occasion of her 42nd birthday, Lolita Séchan decided to take a flight to Japan. Coluche’s goddaughter has always had a particular fascination for this country. A successful author in the world of literature and comics, she is very passionate about manga.

The singer Renaud himself would have passed on his love of the 9th art to him, the day he showed him “La Quête de l’oiseau du temps de Loisel. Very quickly, she begins to browse japanese comics.

“Around 11, I began to tell myself that I had done the tour of Tintin. My father didn’t particularly understand,” she says.

She says that the Album bookstore was, for this, her HQ in Paris.

“I used to take refuge there every weekend like a good little manga fan geek,” she confides.

His great love for Japanese culturehas undoubtedly conditioned his choice of this stay for his birthday.

“And finally, after 11 years without seeing Japan… arriving right on my birthday,” she captioned a photo on Instagram.

On it is his valid PCR certificate and his passport.

The thirst for adventure that she experiences through her characters

Renaud’s daughter created a reputation in the literary worldby inventing universes where characters live without family. The vast majority of his stories highlight the social extraction of the main hero.

She often imagines characters lost between two different worlds. The latter then go on an adventure to reinvent themselves and recharge their batteries during their quest. The 42 year old designer even confessed:

“I feel like I’m telling the same story all the time. »

This time, this self-taught comic book author is going on an adventure herself, no doubt looking for inspiration. For the first time since 2021, she going to stay in Japanin this country so different from ours.

A stay in prison?

Lolita Séchan arrived in Tokyo before leaving to discover other more distant territories. Then, she stays some time in the South-West of the country, with a friend, in Taketomi. On the spot, she shares his walks in nature by multiplying his photos and videos.

Her frenzy then led her to Iriomote or as she tells her followers on Instagram “the island of the endemic cat not found…” The island in question is part of the Unesco World Heritage. She is home to a species of feline which are not very numerous.

The young lady gave some clues on this place, in support of documentation. “The instruction is above all not to run him over in the car…” she said, speaking of the cats. The Japanese authorities are very protective of them. They ask residents and tourists to be careful not to further reduce the population of felines.

With this in mind, the island’s tourist office even warns everywhere that the speed limits were 30 to 40 km/h. The daughter by Renaud even allowed himself to be ironic about the situation, and adds “Given my dangerousness at the wheel, I fear the worst”, she writes. She even finishes her message on a dramatic note:

“If you haven’t heard from me, it’s because I’m in jail on Iriomote”.

This is probably his apology to stay as long as possible in this country where she already feels at home.

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