“If I’m too drunk”: Jean-Luc Reichmann smiles again and winks at Nathalie Lecoultre

Jean-Luc Reichmann

Jean-Luc Reichmann is a very popular animator. And to the delight of his fans, he is also very active on the social networks. But on Instagram he confided recently and even let go a little too much. Something to react to its subscribers. We’ll explaine everything here.

Jean-Luc Reichmann a beloved man

Jean-Luc Reichmann has not had an easy life. His childhood was marked by teasing and judgments about the birthmark on his face. This one even earned him harassment, especially with a horrible nickname “task“. But already at that time he was a very strong little boy. He … not did not leave walking on it and growing up he even achieved his dream. He succeeded to establish itself in the world of TV. While in its infancy it camouflages its task on its nose. He has quickly dropped. Indeed, this task makes its originality is part of him. And he cannot be himself without.

But harassment and mockery is not the only big moment that Jean-Luc Reichmann had to go through. While he was still in his glory years between 20 and 30 years old, the young man at the time a terrible motorcycle accident. This one is really strong and has very serious consequences. Of course, he ends up in the hospital where he stays for quite a while. Jean-Luc Reichmann was thus in a coma for a few days. But once his vital prognosis was no longer engaged, nothing was won. His mother testified about the life of her son during her documentary.

An extraordinary destiny

For the occasion of the twelve years of its emission, Jean-Luc Reichmann was entitled to a documentary about him. This one retraces his life, his troubles, the good and bad times. In it we can find the testimony of his mother. Inside, she confides that her son is strong, that he never complained about the teasing. She also confides that when he was in the hospital after the accident she didn’t think that one day he would walk again. But she attributes all the merit of her success to her will, which she characterizes as iron.

The death of his mother

Since this report, Jean-Luc Reichmann has experienced another very sad moment. In fact, his mother Josette, sadly passed away. It took several days before this beloved animator of all succeeded in announcing it on social networks. But when he did, he got a wave of supportof comfort and of kindness to help him overcome this. “Today I cry. My heart no longer shines […] You put sunshine in my life every day, Mom, with your words so right, your expressions so funny, your reflections so disconcerting. Excuse me, Mombut today, I am deeply hurt”.

Jean-Luc Reichmann also adds on this August 11 “I love you very much, you know, Mom, and I know that from where you are, you see us and that you watch over us. Wherever you are, wherever I am, you will always be there, very close to me. Come on, ‘Haut les cœurs’, as you say and Thanks. Thanks Momfor everything you have done for us. Kiss hard Father. Your sonfor life”.

Jean-Luc Reichmann, a step forward

But Jean-Luc Reichmann is a strong man, as Josette said. So a few days after these sad statements he posts a funniest story. Indeed, he posts a photo in story where we see a man with a t-shirtIf I’m too drunk take me to Nathalie”. And next to this man, a woman with T-shirts “I am Natalie”. The situation caused a lot of laughs. Indeed, it turns out that the wife of animator that he loves so much is called also Natalie. It is moreover a nice wink what does this animator do to his dear wife.

Jean-Luc Reichmann
Source: Instagram Capture Story

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