“I think I got screwed”

"I think I got screwed"
PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 19: Julien Courbet, French journalist and TV host, attends the

The grandfather of Julien Courbet, victim of a scam, made him want to protect the victims. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/WireImage)

This Saturday, September 3, 2022, Julien Courbet will host a new issue of his show “Arnaques!” on M6. But the host, who has become a specialist in the field, is not himself immune to bad intentions and commercial errors. The proof, he was also the victim of a scam a very short time ago.

Julien Courbet has earned a reputation as the scam-fighting pro. For several years, he has made a name for himself thanks to several shows on the theme of consumption, while being at the same time a comedian and a time columnist for “Do not touch my post”. In short, a well-filled schedule for those who changed name for career. But in 2022, the host himself was the victim of a small problem: he found himself at the heart of a scam that concerned him.

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Julien Courbet, victim of identity theft

A few months ago, he discovered completely by chance that an ill-intentioned man was pretending to be him and asking extravagant sums for mere autographs. “One day, a friend calls me saying: ‘Julien, I have a niece who was in contact with you on Skype at 9 p.m.'”, he told the show “It can happen to you” at the material time. “I went to see, and indeed there was a Julien Courbet who was chatting with her. After a while, he said to her ‘if you want I can make you meet people from TV, do you want an autograph ?’” To trick the individual, Julien Courbet therefore asked one of his journalists to pretend to be a fan, and very quickly, the usurper asked her to send him money via PCS coupons . The opportunity for the host to prove to his listeners that these scams are quite common.

This scam is not the only one he has personally faced, since he revealed to Télé-Loisirs being taken in by a man in charge of his rights at Sacem : “In concrete terms, I had mandated him to collect from this organization the rights that were due to me following my TV appearances, in particular with Jacques Martin. He was supposed to pay them back to me after commission. He collected around 50,000 euros without giving me anything. give.” More recently, he denounced another scam on social networks: “I think I got tricked by Puppylove. I’m buying a cushion for Simone (Julien Courbet’s dog, editor’s note), they’re supposed to donate money to associations. Nothing received for three months and obviously, there are hundreds of people in my case. Like what, even experts can sometimes be fooled.

The family history that created his vocation

For many years now, Julien Courbet has been considered the television reference in terms of conflict resolution and the fight against scams. And if he decided to make victim support his hobbyhorse, it’s not for nothing. On the set of “C to You”, in May 2022, he had mentioned the “family drama” which had given him inspiration. “I like to investigate schemes and teach people how not to be fooled, because you don’t know how painful it is when you have someone saying to you, ‘There, I lost 30,000 euros and I will never see them again. Someone who earns 1,000 euros a month is terrible. It really hurts me a lot,” he explained.

For good reason, a member of his family was the victim of a scam when he was only 15 years old. “I am the grandson of a returnee. So my family, when it arrived, really had nothing. Like many, they started again. And my grandfather had a very small salary. The poor guy had a 4L, he was going sell watches to jewelers. And he got scammed. They stole his watches. He had to sell his little 4L. Finally, it was a family drama. And that touched me.” After considering becoming a lawyer, he finally turned to an IUT in Marketing Techniques. Solid foundations for the work he does today.

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